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  1. may be able to offer my two cents worth in here Stork , replaced my Cab to Bunk "seal " for want of a better term almost 6 years ago an used a fabric backed vynal material ( used here in Aust for fabric ute bed " Tarps " but assume you guys have " Curtain Sided Trailers ( Tautliners ) or even synthetic open top ( FlatTop ) Tarpaulin materiel will work jus as fine an outlasts rubber by a huge degree due to that fabric having Ultraviolet blockers in its construction. Get your Trim Shop or tarp manufactuer to stich you up a Loose Sock or band that will span space between cab and bunk allowing movement of two ( even more so if Bunk is mounted to frame independant of Cab ) with width including material to fit under aluminium moulding on both cab and bunk. Ensure joint or overlap is at bottom of opening to elimminate any chance of water ingress. When i did mine i had it done in two layers back to back so coloured " outside " of material was on inside of opening and other layer was facing outside. Doing it this way you can colour outside in colour of truck exterior an inside you can choose something that will come close to matching interior colour. Lastly i ran a small bead of ( Butylmastic ) NOT SILICONE !! at portion where fabric and bodywork touch to ensure a good seal and to keep dirt an debris from weakening weatherseal of said ( seal ) if you wish i can measure mine up for you James
  2. i,ll hafta take some pics of mine ( r688 ) mine has factory horn button embossed w special order build for original owner by Mack Australia , hope it can assist you in what your looking for ....James
  3. LOL well i,m IMPRESSED !! get told i,m Crazy loading my excavator onto my Beaver Tailed ACCO without ramps but thats takes the cake doing it with a wheeled Bobcat !! wouldnt attempt doing it with my Tracked Tekeuchi " MUSTANG " as its sold i the USA i belive but gotta admit i,d give it a bash in my ol 144 Mustang wheeled bobcat
  4. have got somewhere a pic of your B ,i used to drive for Huby an then Clearline tpt outta Adelaide pullin trains an used to see it out @ Moree , Goondi , Bogga if it same truck you used to pull dbls with that spread bogie flat top as a dog usually with cotton modules on. good to see a B still earnin her keep
  5. just aguess but i,d say thats a early WHTE C/Over
  6. jus to add my two cents worth to your topic Freightrain , cpl little tricks i,ve learned w my air starters, (1) they DO sound so cool w the mufflers OFF ! BUT if u work in dusty conditions they will injest dirt w/out the mufflers on an chew the vanes out real quick (2) if truck is parked for a considerable time, 1st give your lift pump on Injector pump a few pumps to ensure pump has fuel, or install some 1 way check valves in feed line, as i,ve had trouble w both trucks in that regard (3) On my Rmodel the air tank is factory mounted Under bunk ( 36ins) but Above chassi rails , sorta under the bed but between the 2 bunk boxes , ( not sure but gotta investigate but here in Aust some models were fitted with side mounted air starter tanks that didnt take up much more frame length than the battery boxes, but tank was similiar in diameter to fuel tanks, mainly our Titans, some F model cabovers and the Cruiseliners, my MIR has side mounted tank but it,s a little longer and smaller in diameter (4) Dont be afraid to purchase a unit that requires a rebuild as the rebuild kit from Ingersol Rand is relatively inexpensive an the actual job is a walk in the park although DO check that the engagement gear is in good condition, and i have had some that have damage to the alloy stator that the vanes go into (5) above all of that they DO scare ol laides an kids when hit un announced an last thing i,d personally go with the fuel lube model as w any air tool lubrication will give u a longer service life
  7. Hi Ducky , welcome to BMT i,m based here in South Aust .....ah jus a quick question, WHY u gunna wreck the FR ?? an if so are u in position to part ( pun intended ) with any parts from the ol girl ?
  8. Agree with your points on the Titan Chris, but my question would be WHY dont we get the MP10 ??????????? was told in Adelaide mack that wont be for some time before we get that meantime we get CUMMINS ,oh ran into Eddie Holland this week , ( brought down my ACCO from Darwin ) have u seen up close an personal his R750 ? gotta post some pics on here of it !! think US boys would get a kick outta seeing it !!
  9. Mack Man i agree with you wholeheartedly ........my MIR700 works evry day, doesn,t get pampered and in 2 odd years of my ownership the repairs i have done to it combined with the frugal amount of fuel it consumes to do its job far outweigh payments on a NEW machine . Sure a new shiney one wld be nice to look at but at end of day will it still perform like my 38 yr old Mack and keep going with the same reliability ?? as for bringing out a NEW " R " model i,m hoping to replicate my version of that when my R688 makes it out of workshop .
  10. Hi there Cris James here , great to hear of someone here !! tho i,m a bit more than a quick jaunt arond corner , i,m in Adelaide Hills , between Mt Barker and Murray Bridge ........
  11. i BLOODY hope we ( in Aust ) get the MP10 donk, tho i did ask when i was at my local mack dealer regarding my looking at a new TITAN here ..an was told not in imediate future .. would LOVE to know the pricing ova there on 600hp TITAN as i was roughly ( still waiting on paperwork to come thru ) about Aust $ 380.000............
  12. ah jus reading thru replies ( thanks to that have ) but i SHOULD,VE PROOF read it 1st !!!! ah my fuel useage rate was a LiTTLE ( sic ) outta wack .......it SHOULD read 1.5 and there abouts KILOMETERS TO the LITRE not as i put it to the forum !!!! christ we could all live like KINGS on what i had written !!!!!
  13. jus a general question to you guys in the States , i went into my local MACK dealer here in South Australia to get speccs an a price on new MACK TITAN as i looking at putting together a triple ( 3 , 45ft flat top trailers ) for some work i,m at getting into in north and was told i can no longer order or even get a MACK fitted with a CAT only CUMMINS....... jus my personal prefference but when the SIGNATURE 600,s were released here in Aust they were almost without exception Red ( i,m convinced they paint em that colour for a REASON !! ) Hand Grenades......any input from you all out there on said Cummins wld be appreciated as would want to keep a Dog on tha grille to keep the fleet , but until i,m convinced otherwise i cant see myself sighnin for a Cummins powered puppy ......also as i,m throwin this to the forum any feedback on new CAT C15 ACERT as i had a 1st genaration C15 in a CENTURY class Freightliner doing double road trains ( as a driver ) and was RAPT in it Great Power an compared to 12L Series 60 DDEC4 previously in a STERLING was comparable in fuel economy..was averaging 1.5 to1.9L to 100kilometers , in my book that good for a gross weight of @ 90ton.......let u guys convert to MPG
  14. adding my 2 cents worth to your dilema minihorses ....i have a MIR700 Tipper on 44000 lps Camelback an a R688 with same set up but as a semi tipper an without question in your application i would stay with the Camelback!! had considered putting air susp under my R as she also does a bit of on road and i wish to put her to work occasionally doin Road Train work and had air in mind to update . but after a Lot of thought i,m staying w Camelback as as all replies above rightly state u CANNOT go past Mack susp in off road / quarry / tipper work !! an aside from the outlay in cost to convert the maintinence and upkeep on air in harsh terrain jus rules it out on that aspect alone. The Superior abilities of good ol susp was brought home to me on a site just before Xmas, needed a driver to throw in MIR for a day moving excavated spoil from one side of site to other across a site closer akin to a motorcross track than a construction site!!! Threw a bloke in it that was if anything but unsure about " UGLY OL MACK " !!! capabilities as he was more used to " New and Shiney Late Model air equipped SHOW BOATS " and asked better keep excavator close as i,ll need it to be pullin truck thru it !!!! ah u can only guess my response .............at end of day he stepped outta her mumblin his surprise as we were on site was NOT shy in adding Pudding on an if each time he didn,t pull away from excavator with 16 /18 ton on i,ll stand rooted !! and all w little 237 Maxi :)she jus plodded away up and ova it all day !! Anyway thats my imput and thoughts on your post hope it helps you in your decision..
  15. Seems readin thru replies in forum that things are NO different Wherever we are .. well guys i do or should say i used to do all my own work , house cuts , building set outs and mainly landscape work an supplies , topsoil , rocks , wood chipp ect ,, but got into civil work for state govt water authority , went from bumblin around to Flat Out in space of a week !! in last coupl o weeks been trying to get my bread and butter jobs / customers happy while Water Authority work closed down for Xmas, subsequently my plans of getting R mod back on the work force has been somewhat delayed Still the ol MIR battles on cant keep an ol Dog Down !! anyways hope u all have a Great New Year P,s i,ll hafta post some new pics shortly of MIR as know she only an Aust mod an a cpl of you guys have requested a look
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