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  1. Hi Skip, there was'nt too many R 615's in Tas. It could be ex Bonney & Stafford, was originally a jinker. Jeffro.
  2. The R700 is the one I was refering to, but it does'nt look like a Western. That is the same article I saw many years ago. Jeff.
  3. Craig, that sounds like a police number, could be Victorian Police, VP. If its been extended the # could be under layers of paint. If you can find were the bogie used to be b4 it was extended you might find it. Have a look on the firewall behind the air cleaner pipe, there should be a tag there. You could get the engine # and it could be the original one. Good luck Jeff.
  4. Hi, If its a pre say '72, it should be just ahead of the rear front spring hanger on the rh chassis rail, at the bottom. If its a later model it should be just ahead of the front rear axle on the rh chassis rail. Tell us what you find. Regards Jeff.
  5. Hi Grant, You know the pic of the late cab B4 you cut the rust out I think it is. It looks rusty, its just a pic of the cab minus doors and roof. Regards Jeff.
  6. Ellis, those measurements are for the early cab. You could find another cab if yours is badly rusted and you want a flat dash. To put and old dash back in would be a cow of a job as the original dash is part of the cab and it would've been cut out. If you can find a big cab minus the dash you can see the remnants of the old dash in the pressing and that would give you an idea of what you'd be up against. Jeff.
  7. It should be just ahead of the front drive axle's tyre, on the RHS.
  8. Hi Ellis, If you go to ducky698's album on page 17 of the gallery and go thru the pics you will see a Flinstone, a side shot of the cab, that is the early cab with the steel dash. There is also a pic of a rusted out late cab, the cab with the plastic dash, if you study those pics you will see the difference in the two cab lengths, the bigger cab is 3" longer noticable in the back wall. The long grab handles as fitted to the later cab were fitted at the factory to the early cabs from about early 1973, the cabs were built to use the longer handles. The later cab became standard in Australia during early 75, before that time there were some fitted with the bigger cab from late 74. Regards Jeff.
  9. Hi Ashcat, An R722RS is a Superliner, basically an R700, with a 400bhp E9 it would be an R721, a 440bhp or more is an R722. I think all further increases in hp stayed designated as 722. R is for RHD, S is for 6 wheel chassis with On/Off Highway bogie, it would be a 44,000lb bogie. F it was a 38,000lb bogie it would be an ST. Chassis # 1130 indicates the 130th R722. I'll take a punt on 1986 because you say a Superliner 2. regards Jeff.
  10. Hi Ellis, R611RT, as Superdog said, ENDT673C, 250BHP, Quad trans and RAD5291 rear axle. Its been converted to tandem, it was delivered in late 67. Jeff.
  11. Hi Ellis, yes that is an eng#. It looks like it is an ENDT673C I would guess. Sometimes I've seen the letters start down the side and not completely on top of deck. It could be just T or TB 673 C depending on the age of the block, or it could be just what you see. The #'s go in a sequence of 1A####, thru to Z, 2A####, 2B#### thru to Z then they go 3A####, 3B#### thru to Z and so on. Yours being 9G1639. You have a 1960 B61T, so do I, June 60, B61T 34031. Regards Jeff.
  12. Hi Ellis, I have an R685RST bogie tipper. I caculated my fuel at about 2km per litre. That was about 7 years ago when i was operating that truck. That was a 237 6spd, about 100kmh at 2100rpm, 4.17's. I uaually ran at 90/95kmh. I think that is about 6-7 mpg, loaded 1 way. It was a rough calculation made a long time ago, it is just from memory. Regards Jeff.
  13. The END864T was produced until replaced by the 865/866 engines. They were rated at 300 bhp, I think there could have been other ratings also. The impression I have is that they were a toublesome engine, but I would still like one. Regards Jeff.
  14. Hi Gearhead, compare a G with a Cruiseliner, in particular the windscreen. I'd agree with you. Regards Jeff.
  15. Hi Calfabz, that is a parts #, probably front axle. The chassis # that tells you what model and serial # your truck is. It is stamped on the chassis rail at the back of the truck not exactly sure of its exact location. These trucks were built from about 1936 up. My guess is EH. Regards jeffro
  16. Hello, in regards to 6 wheeler, 10 wheeler etc, I think a 6 wheeler refers to a 3 axled vehicle, dual rear or not, its just that some wheels are dual and some are single. e.g. 6x6, 4x4, 6x4, 6x2 & 8x4. Just my opinion, regards jeffro
  17. Hi, R model rail wont go with B model. Totally different. Regards Jeffro
  18. Hi, its probably built on a B model chassis, 711? Built in 1964 and look at the badgeing.
  19. Hi Grant, at a glance that looks about right. If you have R600 cab mounts they wont be wide enough because your chassis narrows back where R700 mounts go. R700 mounts are wider because the chassis is narrower back there. My new mobile is 0448 267 676. Regards Jeffro.
  20. Hi, looks like an R607 or early 609 i.e. Small radiator, non turbo and small oil bath air cleaner. Those front hubs, rad and a/cleaner look pretty early style, though the early cab went through till about 75. I guess it would be a thru the floor mechanical clutch. The rear end looks like it has a hollow spindle? Get the chassis #, if it is pre about 72, 73, it will be on the rhs chassis rail along the bottom between the front rear spring bracket and the shock absorber. If it is later than about 72 it would be on rhs rail ahead of the front drive axle. That will tell you what and when. You dont know what people may have changed over the years. If it is what I think it is, then apart from fuel tanks, bumper, steer wheel you have a pretty original ole Mack R609RST. If you want to give me a call 0448 267 676. Regards Jeffro.
  21. Hello, I'd be lookin at what chassis rails it was built on, X members and mack castings for suspension etc to determine if it was a genuine chassis of a particular model. Regards Jeffro
  22. Hi Thad, my guess it's an NO military Mack, early 40's. Been refurbished using body parts from an F or an R. Regards Jeffro
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