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  1. I agree, this Mack has one sharp paint job and has been built to last.
  2. Excellent condition and immaculate paint job.
  3. Immaculately restored truck, Mack Trucks should take notice of this. Maybe if they never discontinued the B model, Mack would be in better financial shape today.
  4. These Mack B's keep on running, they were built to last. What will become of the Granite or Titan in 50 years?
  5. I'm not sure if the smart car will be the end result of today's Peterbilt trucks. One thing for sure, nothing can outlast the old reliable Mack B. I just saw John Haines refurbished 1965 Mack B Mixer at the Macungie, PA. truck show last weekend. Those Mack B trucks just keep on running more than 50 years since the first ones came off the assembly line.
  6. I second that. If the current politicians keep getting away with what they are doing in Washington, our country will never get out of this recession and will continue down the path to economic destruction. Vote them out in 2010.
  7. Maybe the banner could be black and gold, just like those winning teams in Pittsburgh. Twice in the same year!
  8. Another example of longevity of older Macks, especially the Mack B. Would one of today's trucks withstand that abuse?, or last near as long?
  9. The days of Mack being "the greatest name in trucks" passed on with the end of the Mack R series. The Mack B was "Built like a Tank", and there are still a great many on the road more than 50 years after the first one was built. I always look forward to going to Macungie in June to see these trucks at the annual truck show. Mack's loss of the truck business is just one more example of today's business "selling out to make a quick buck". John
  10. Steve: I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune. I've never bought any car or truck from an online seller. Ebay does have policies regarding reporting of sellers illegal activity. I have done business with several ebay sellers on lower priced items including NFL collectibles and Die Cast souvenir trucks, of which I've never had a problem with. One thing a buyer must always do first is check the sellers feedback from previous customers. John McGlumphy
  11. There has been another protest. On Monday, April 28th, a huge convoy headed into Washing-ton to make their voices heard about the outrageously high fuel prices. So far, these politicians aren't listening. The only solution is to vote ALL of them out of office come Nonember.
  12. Nicely redone truck, looks like a great deal of effort was put into restoration.
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