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  1. You don't have a good TRT 72 laying around do you ? Would like to find one some day
  2. Mine is a later 63 with oilers and a TRD 72. I never knew what the other 2 was for either. I thought it may of been for a bigger input and bell for the heaver clutch ?? ......but sure don't know
  3. NO...I got that wrong.....the 517 was a 9500 and the 535 was 10500....trying to remember too much in this burned out old brain...lol
  4. 517 was a 10, 500 lbs and the 522 was a 12,000 LBS axle and had bigger spindles. It was an option. I'm not sure...but think the 522 used that flat plate like axle cover that said Mack on it
  5. Yes, I looked into it many years ago. It got complicated and after I had hubs and whole axles bought and none worked out....I finally said the heck with it......really don't need them.......but something has recently come up and I'm going to dig a little deeper. Kind of afraid that after buying hubs, drums, new studs and some wheels.... it's going to be more $$ than this poor truck driver can justify
  6. I have a 517 front axle on a B-75 with spoke hubs. It has a 1-5/8" outside and 2-1/2" inside spindle diameter. I found some 535 aluminum budd hubs that I believe have the same spindle diameter as my 517. The early 517 used a 2-1/4" inside spindle diameter and the part number is 6 QJ 439 P1 and drum # 17 QJ 3119A-P4. Does anyone have a Mack part number for the aluminum 535 hubs and a part number for the inboard drums that will work with 517's 4" brakes and did the later 517 with the thicker spindle use the same hub/drum as a 535 ?.....This should be clear as mud !! LOL
  7. Looking at Mt.Pilot (Pilot Mountain) from Rt 52 going NW John
  8. Here's B-75 T 1927.....originaly a single axle. Someone added the Neway air tag later in its life. John
  9. My original stop light switch is on the inside of the left rail, around the cab mount cross member. I took it apart, cleaned and lubed it....still works many years later. The one you see in the photo wasn't from the factory. John
  10. The first is the air governor and the other is just an air junction for wipers,horn and etc. John
  11. Is there different kinds of stainless ? The sun visor on my work truck ( Pete ) is suposed to be stainless...and my magnetic XM antenna sticks tight ??? Just wondering, John
  12. My grandfather bought this one ( 70 ) new in '64. Always had an easy life. My youngest son restored it, for his senior project, a few years ago. John
  13. How can I tell if a member receives a personal message ? I can't get anything to show up in my sent box....even though I got a reply a while back. Thanks, John
  14. I can tell you first hand, it didn't work for us !! I bought the truck with a freshly overhauled 673-P....that was supposed to be built for a turbo. Hell...I ain't a Mack mechanic and didn't know the difference.....learned a lot in a big hurry though LOL Over the years....I've talked to three other people, that experianced the same thing with the same results...funny thing about it...the engines all ran less than a 1000 miles. We knew something wasn't quite right...but didn't think we'd hurt much...just bob-tailing around. WRONG.. But it sure run like raped ape for a short while. If you l
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