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  1. Why would you need an exempt form from DOT, if you are requesting antique Plates? The vehicle is no longer considered commercial if antique plates are issued and therefore all commercial vehicle laws no longer apply to that vehicle. The vehicle can not be used commercially nor can it be used to generate revenue with antique plates. A CDL is not required to operate it All you need is a VIN verification form, regestration appliecation, bill of sale and proof of insurance. I went directly to the horse, Weathersfield DMV and was out of the building with plates in 15 minutes. Good Luck. Jim
  2. Mike, Apparently "Lincoln the Man" by Edgar Lee Masters, has not been 'banned" from the stores. Amazon.Com New- $29.95 Used' $14.95.
  3. "We, the People are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the constitution." Abraham Lincoln
  4. Why do I have to read this here and not on the evening news or the paper............oh that's right according to those sources Guns are evil and they kill people. Good Job Kid! He is living proof the the advice given to me years ago by a senior Officer. "I would rather be tried by twelve than carried by six." Jim
  5. I am a firm believer in Term limits for all Politicians (local, state and federal).........One term in office........one term in jail.
  6. Thanks for the comments. The Mack came from Highpoint Garage. Ok, Ok.....I'll Change the mirrors. ( I honestly thought the dogs were suppose to face out ....to bite K-Woppers and the like)
  7. Ok guys, I have tried to ignore this for a while but I got caught up in it. Here is my first car followed by others with a whole bunch in between. 1st. a 57 Pontiac followed by a 67 Plymouth. A '37 Ford with a small block. A 67 AC Cobra (A kit car built by me with a 428 Cobra Jet) Last a '69 Mack
  8. Any one notice the "Centurion Multi-defense buckshot Law Enforcemnt" is made in Italy? Recently I purchased some .410 ammo and found it was made in Spain. Last month I purchase 25lbs of bird shot for reloading and found that it was made in Peru. I inquired as to why this is so and was informed that it is illegal to make shot gun shells using lead. That didn't make sense to me but apparently we have out sourced our ammunition to foreign countries. More and more i realize that my grandchildren will not have the same opportunities that I have had. They will told what to do.
  9. I don't see where he said anything about a democracy. The Term he use to idenify the United States was Republic. Do you know the difference?
  10. Hey bulldog that is one nice truck. I noticed you have commercial regestration plates on it. If you use only for camping and don't use it for commercial purpose would it be cheaper and less insurance if you had combination plates on it? I live here in Ct. and have a friend that has a Mack and a low boy trailer to haul his antique bulldozers to shows. I had hooked him up with the truck and trailer. When it came time to register it I told him to put antique plates on the tractor and Camp trailer plates on the trailer. Since he would be hauling his own personal property and no commercial st
  11. Lmackattack Thanks for the information. He put a bag of Equal balance sand in each tire. The truck now drives like a Caddy at 42MPH and is steady as a rock at 65MPH. thanks again.
  12. Thanks for the information. You guys have given me some ideas to pursue. I'll let you know what sovled the problem. Thanks again. Jim
  13. A friend of mine has a 1981 Mack R600 twin screw tractor. I belive that it is a Mack camel back. He has replaced the bushings, New Dog bones, New tires and rims and replaced the rubbers at the spring ends. When he approaches 42 MPH the rear suspension develops a wheel hop. It feels like the wheels are jumping forward. Above 42 the problems go away. However when he hits 62 MPH, the rear wheels start to hop again but doesn't set in hard because the govenor holds the truck at 65MPH. I belive it is a harmonic problem but all the things; that spin have been addressed. The drive shafts have n
  14. Rob, Very good on your study of Government economics, unfortunately you forgot about inflation. Because the governemnt prints the money that it uses to pay it's bills it takes more money for us to earn to pay our bills. The money has less value and takes more of it to purchase goods and services. So, when everyone used the $100 to pay their debit. The inflation rate was such becaause of intrest and the fact the governmet is printing the money(having less value) to pay their debit, they all still owe $100. Plus the income taxes went up and the services, if any, they receive went down. So
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