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  1. Ok, cool. I guess I'll nominate our 1990 Mack CH for the blood award lol. We made everything happen on that truck with low cash and never had anything done on it by a body shop or garage. I don't want to sound too cocky about because I'm sure theres alot of guys on here who did frame up restorations on some beat up old Macks. But it's worth a shot at the award lol Another category could be "Hardest working Bulldog" That would be cool.
  2. Nice looking Mack, good color and chrome! Id'e like to get that chrome grill surround pieces for our 90' CH. Does Watt's Mack sell those pieces? I know JP Chrome sells it but if you guy's have it Id'e like to buy it from you. Thanks, Eric
  3. Neat idea and yeah I think we all could agree you deserve the "Mack fan" award lol. Would the "blood" award be for someone who put in a lot of hard work on their rig? Thanks for maintaining a good site Eric
  4. Yeah your right on. Were going to change out the lever arms asap since the 14.6k spindle has a different sized, shaped, and angled one, and thanks for the comment.
  5. Name: Chevrolet V10 (1987) Date Added: 23 June 2010 - 07:50 PM Owner: TheBulldogExpress Short Description: My first pickup. Doing a complete restoration. Bought my first welder, been learning alot on this. View Vehicle
  6. Name: Chevrolet C10 (1978) Date Added: 23 June 2010 - 07:33 PM Owner: TheBulldogExpress Short Description: 2wd 78 Chevy out of a junk yard with a V6. Put a flat bed on it. Bored .20 over 454 hooked up to a Turbo 400 and 3.73 gears. View Vehicle
  7. Name: Mack CH613 (1990) Date Added: 22 June 2010 - 01:21 PM Owner: TheBulldogExpress Short Description: Purchased in 1999 from Gulf Oil where it was worked by my father (who also owns it) and it had 1,100,000 miles on it. The engine was rebuilt at Mack before we bought it. We took an axle out and fitted a sleeper on and fabbed a wrecker body on the back to fill in the frame since we were going to tow a ball hitch camp trailer. We also put in higher gears since its only towing 15,000 max. Chrome, lights and paint were also all done by us and we keep adding little things here and there trying to
  8. I appreciate the comments. I'll post some pictures of the interior tomorrow. If any one hauls with a big rig or wants to, talk to me lol.
  9. I appreciate it Rob. We might leave the current spindle on depending on how the lever arm effects the tire wear. If for some reason it still wears bad we will begin the hunt for the correct spindle. Ill let you know if that happens and get you the info. Again, I appreciate the help and your comment on our rig.
  10. Yeah I understand all of you. I've helped out at auto shops and I think the spindle is bad. My father who owns the truck keeps intending on using it and I wanted to just see what other people thought. As a mechanic I would never let it leave the shop either with a spindle like this. I know what places go through with a holes today lol. We only use the Mack for camping and money is tight, probably the only reason he keeps intending to use it. I'm going to change over the steering lever to fix the angle the tie rod is at because it isnt correct, the tires are wearing a bit. We keep adjusting the
  11. I was 6 years old when my truck driving father bought this 1990 Mack CH from Gulf Oil in New Haven, CT. He had delivered gas with them for years and they were selling their fleet of 90's Mack daycabs. They ended up having the engine rebuilt (it had a million miles on it) before he bought it for 16,000. My mom and I thought he was crazy for spending the money he saved on it. He told us he wanted to haul the camp trailer we had with it. He was towing it with a 78 Chevy 454 Dually which always had problems and you all know how fun taking an old gas job from Connecticut to Florida would be. Since
  12. On our 1990 Mack CH613 (12k front axle) the bearing seized to the spindle. Not sure how common this is lol, but I've never had to deal with it. The hub was full of lube. A mechanic in Alabama heated and hit the seized bearings off the spindle and then too the spindle off because he thought it wasn't safe to put new bearings on. Well strait to the point unless you guys want to hear the hole story or other details...we ended up putting a spindle on from a junkyard that had the brakes, hub, ect all on it. It appears to be for a heavier front end but it worked and got us home from rural Alabama to
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