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  1. You need to keep the soil warm to grow the baked potatoes.

    It's best if you sleep on the garden during the the cold nights.

    I would thin the basil into a couple of other pots. It's pretty hardy stuff,

    and it should take a transplant with no problem.



  2. That basil is going to get big - you might need more room for it.

    I usually make the pesto out of my basil, but it's really good served

    with fresh tomato slices and fresh mozzarella cheese too.

    Is that parsley behind the basil? and what's in the pot to the right?

    Looks like chives and something else.


    That's Cilantro (top) and basil in the one on the left, chives and oregano in the right one. Got some sage in another pot on the back porch.

    Think I should thin the basil some? All the seeds seemed to end up in one spot. They were tiny seeds, and I think every one of them came up. They're planted in potting soil with plant food in it.

    I planted some baked potatoes with sour cream with the chives, but they didn't come up.

  3. :huh:

    Just kick back and watch those tomatoes grow!!

    Life's too short to work all the time anyway.

    And - keep your eye on the mailbox for your stimulus money ---

    any day now, any day.

    :huh: stimulus money?.. :chili: yay, stimulus money! :banana: ...right.

    Anyway, the tomatoes are growing, looking good- already got green ones on the vines. Best looking garden i've had for several years. Even the herbs look good, I think...never grew any before, and don't know what to do with Basil, Chives, Oregano, Cilantro, Sage...and something else. I need to be figuring out which to dry, which to freeze, which to use fresh, when to cut it, and so on.

  4. The garden's looking good.

    That's some big snake compared to NY garter snakes.

    Mine are about 16 - 24 inches long, tops.

    If I was the dog, I would have been scared too!

    i'm not sure what it was, but it looked most like the garter snake picture in the encyclopedia. I don't recall ever seeing a snake like it before.

    My herbs are growing too, though i'm not sure how to even use most of them. I've got sage, cilantro, basil, dill, chives, and oregano.

  5. I agree with all of that! That's what I like about Todd-even though a large national carrier with thousands of trucks- not at all unlike the mickow corporation- cut his rates on a couple of hauls right out of this area he didn't cut his rates lower or matching theirs. He'll park a truck before hauling things too cheap. And he doesn't force you to go where you don't want to. That's one of the reasons I left my old job after 25+ years, all the freight seemed to be going to the northeast. (The other reason was the dispatcher was such a tool.)

    I don't know if everybody up there in that part of the world is an a-hole, probably not, but a good part of them are!

    I remember one time I left New Jersey and had to cross over to the Philly side to load. I don't remember if it was the Walt Whitman or Ben Franklin bridge, but I handed the woman at the toll booth a twenty dollar bill. I was sitting there waiting for my change and she was waiting for the rest of the money. And that must have been 10 or 15 years ago.

    I don't even get on the Pa. pike anymore, and now they're talking about raising the toll on the West Virginia turnpike too. Guess i'll go back to running rt. 60.

  6. Huh -

    I didn't think of Rob doing it.

    Of course, he has a very busy social schedule

    travelling around the country visiting his fans.

    May be tough to get him to do a small job.


    oh, just wondering. when you said "very professional" he's the first one I thought of.

  7. I like the tin foil idea. A lot of people pre-cook the

    ribs a little in the oven before they put them out on

    the fire - but I think that method loses some flavor.

    Does the sauce carmelize in the tin foil?

    And- how many grasshoppers does it take to get a good

    meal for two? Northern grasshoppers tend to be skinnier

    than Virginia Mega-Hoppers.


    no, it did not carmelize. I could hear them bubbling away after I wrapped them and knew then everything was going well. I cooked these ribs about 4-4 1/2 hrs. total. I never put them directly over the heat until I wrapped them in the foil. I saw this on TV on the cooking channel and it works really well. I put the "meatiest" side down first, then turned them over after a couple of hours. Then I wrapped them in the foil and covered them in BBQ sauce, added more charcoal, (already ready to cook on,started in my "chimney"-good thing to have!) and finished them directly over the heat (second photo). When they're done the bones pull out easily-and they're always tender, moist, and delicious!

    I don't know about the bugs-I think they're what we call a "jarfly". Very tasty though! :lol: (kidding-I didn't really eat them things...Jo said they were tasty :rolleyes: )

  8. Those cabbages look pretty good! The rabbit fence must be working.

    Got my tomato plants today. I'll try to plant them tomorrow.

    Before I go up to the neighbors carrying some "secret" meat rub

    and Virginia BBQ sauce to show him how ribs really should be done!!

    Can you get away for Macungie or Huntsville?

    I think I remember three blimp barns in Akron. I have seen them

    several times from the air when I was flying my old Piper PA-12 out

    that way years ago. Memory is not too good - but I remember them

    being really big, and I think you are right - they held (or might still hold)

    some record for clear span structures.

    I was always in trouble out that way - it's a really narrow VFR "passage" between

    controlled airspaces and they just plain don't like Cub pilots, especially the ones

    like me, who are down really low and slow and looking at all the sights.

    I never paid too much attention to the radio, and the poor controllers would go into

    mild panic trying to contact me before I realized that they were even trying to talk to me!

    How about Air Force One doing a low fly-by in New York Harbor, breaking almost every rule

    along the way, and, by the way, spending almost $400,000.00 to do it!!

    Where the hell do we think we're going?? This outlook looks more foolish every day.

    But we keep on paying for the entertainment our government sends us.

    Yes indeed, that cabbage is really growing! I wouldn't have planted that much but the plants came 9 to a pack so I got one of red and one of the pointed head kind- had real good luck with that before. It's actually called "early jersey wakefield" I believe. I planted an onion between each cabbage plant, and more at the end of the shorter row.

    I haven't even seen a rabbit yet. Maybe they're waiting for the beans to come up, that was their favorite last year-got every last one of them. I always heard rabbits go in cycles, so maybe last year was a peak year for them.

    "clear span structure"-that's what I was trying to think of :unsure:

    Hard to say about the shows, but it's kinda doubtful. I saw in the new "Old Time Trucks" that the Troutman, N.C. ATHS show is being moved to Lincolnton, N.C. this year. A little bit farther away, but not a whole lot. I usually take a vacation the first week of July, but i'm thinking of waiting until the week of the 25th this year and maybe go to that show. Troutman was always a good show, lots of H-models there.

  9. Well - interesting stuff to say the least!


    About the same age as Other Dog and I. Another old bast--d.

    ... Everybody likes

    the B Macks. Great for getting girls too - if only I wasn't so old, bald, fat, married and --- oh well forget it.

    I guess it's probably going to be another old Mack! Just for other reasons than the girl story.

    So we're the old bast--ds around here, eh? There must be somebody older around here... :unsure:

    That's kinda what I was looking for when I bought the mixer. Actually, it's exactly what I was looking for- a single axle B-model, like the 2 I found, one was $1,200, the other $1,000. Something I could drive around when I wanted. I love the mixer and it has "character" for sure, but it's still big and slow! Now I wouldn't trade it for a new Dodge. :lol:

  10. Tom,

    I saw that on TV and I noticed his face went sour. She did an outstanding job answering him. I'm glad there is still some real women out there. I just have not found one for myself. Seems ya get in trouble saying whats on your heart now in this comie country.


    Too late again! She might have been available, but I heard she was dating Michael Phelps now...maybe they'll break up, and you could catch her on the rebound-offer to take her to "the dragon" and show her a good time.

  11. Glad you liked it!

    I only make the pesto when the basil is fresh, and I keep it

    in the refrigerator for months.

    Haven't gotten sick once!! (It'll probably keep us both alive)

    Actually I think the secret is to cover the top of the pesto with olive oil

    to seal out the air before you close up the jar. That's what the old Italian

    cooks do. It keeps the stuff from turning black and losing the flavor.

    Here's a little discovery -

    Mix up equal parts of tomato catsup, Heinz Chili Sauce and your

    BBQ sauce for a tremendous quick sauce to put on top of any roast or

    meatloaf. Really nice peppery, but not hot, after taste.

    Have you got any suggestions for slow cooked Pork shoulder roasts?

    I've been thinking about some for the last couple of days.

    Probably this weekend's project.

    I always cook them in the smoker oven-low and slow, starting with charcoal then putting wood in it. I coat it with the rub first, then when it's done (when the bone pulls out easily) I either keep it whole for a roast and slice it, or pull the meat off and mix it with the vinegary homemade BBQ sauce.

  12. The hood looks real good.

    And the fence should do the trick as long as you don't

    stumble into in the middle of the night in a drunken stupor.

    Just put some of your bbq sauce on a meatloaf. Fixed the

    old meatloaf right up!


    I only stumble around inside-i'm afraid to go out after dark...unless my fearless dog is with me :rolleyes:

    The paint doesn't match exactly,but it's close enough. Actually it's more noticable in the picture than when you're standing beside it.

    I just finished the last of a jar of pesto I had-it was delicious too! I was just reading about pesto on Wikipedia because Jo was wondering what was in it. The article said you could store it for up to a week in a tightly sealed jar in the refrigerator. I had that in a tightly sealed jar in the refrigerator for months and it tasted the same as it did when it was brand new.

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