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I Made A Little Money Last Week



Well for the time being I have a little money in my pocket. Last week I ran two loads up to the northeast back to back out of Chattanooga Tn. The first load was a two dropper with the first stop going to Jersey City N.J. and the final in North Haven CT.

The second load was a straight load and went to North Haven CT. .Both loads consisted of conveyors and hoppers for a scrap yard. If I didn't have to pay those damned tolls life would be good. Paying thirty or fourty bucks to cross a bridge is :icon_bs: . Question.. to all you folks who live in the toll ridden parts of the country.. Why don't you guys simply vote the idiots in charge out of office. Or you could always drown them in piss...something.

I only go to the Northeast when the loads pay realy good, no cheap freight will ever get moved by my truck to that part of the world. What am I saying NO CHEAP FREIGHT PERIOD. I may never be rich doing it this way but as long as the bills are paid I cann't see why I would want to work more for less. Doesn't make any sense to me. They say (The trucking insiders)

that the trucking industry is a penny buisness...I agree to a certain point. I believe a penny saved is a penny earned, so I don't idle the truck, do most of the work to the truck myself and wash it myself. However why would I want to work more for less?????? My Dad told me when I was a kid and was always in a hurry... to slow down and to work smarter not harder. Haste makes waste, grabbing the first load that is offered with out looking around for better paying freight is not working smarter. There may not be anything else to be had, but if there is I want the better paying freight. I can turn plenty of miles but would rather be at home chasing the new girlfriend around or working in the yard or tinkering on the truck. Sometimes I

sit at a truckstop for days waiting on a descent load...but do I realy just sit? No I will be cleaning and polishing and greasing and tuning on the truck....always busy. I make down time and lay over time work for me by doing things I would have to do when I got home anyway. So the time is not wasted... in this case Waste can make Haste...If I didn't stay busy on the road I would have to rush when I did get home and that wouldn't leave time to just hang out.

Back in 05 and 06 I had a dedicated run where I had nearly 0 deadhead miles and the money was rolling in. I bought the Mack in 06 and decided to pay it off as fast as possible. Thank God I did.. at the end of 06 the bottom fell out and the freight slowed down big time. Even so I was far enough ahead on the truck payments that I still paid the truck off a year early. At 12% interest I probably saved thousands by doing it that way. Like I said before work smarter not harder..I made my money work for me versus blowing it on crap I didn't need anyway. Well that's not totally true...the soon to be X got a pile of it...oh well.

May the 12th will be three years to the day that I bought the Bulldog so to my truck I say Happy Anniversary. And to everyone else Keep on Trucking.


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I agree with all of that! That's what I like about Todd-even though a large national carrier with thousands of trucks- not at all unlike the mickow corporation- cut his rates on a couple of hauls right out of this area he didn't cut his rates lower or matching theirs. He'll park a truck before hauling things too cheap. And he doesn't force you to go where you don't want to. That's one of the reasons I left my old job after 25+ years, all the freight seemed to be going to the northeast. (The other reason was the dispatcher was such a tool.)

I don't know if everybody up there in that part of the world is an a-hole, probably not, but a good part of them are!

I remember one time I left New Jersey and had to cross over to the Philly side to load. I don't remember if it was the Walt Whitman or Ben Franklin bridge, but I handed the woman at the toll booth a twenty dollar bill. I was sitting there waiting for my change and she was waiting for the rest of the money. And that must have been 10 or 15 years ago.

I don't even get on the Pa. pike anymore, and now they're talking about raising the toll on the West Virginia turnpike too. Guess i'll go back to running rt. 60.

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