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  1. I believe that is the last of that model number serial number......Good luck and enjoy
  2. Truck is from a company down the street from Frank's place. It is Frank sr as I don't believe there is a Frank jr. The truck may be nice but pricing is upto two people to agree on.
  3. Contacted Gary Mahan have heard nothing back. Was looking for someone with more time than me right now to restore this great historic piece. Its really solid ,typical rust on the drip edge though. Will have my wife post pictures as I'm not great with the computer.
  4. 1971 DM861sx serial number 1001 only one built has Cummins 903 v-8 original motor. Have not tried to start it as theives have stolen the batteries and cables where the truck is now. Will be bringing it to our shop in Kansas City this week and will post pictures. Was fully functional when parked and I beleive this statement as the truck has six new bridgestone 12.00 24 tires on the rear and good michelins on the front. Has a winch but not the original This owner has had the truck since 1974.Email any questions or offers. Thanks
  5. Was at waste expo. Didn't like the Freightliner if you are going with European style trucks the Dennis has this beat by far. As for frontloader the arms have to be too long to ride in the dumped position and also too high too ride with the cross bar at cab height causing blind spots with the arms down. A high dash doesn't allow front vision close to the bumper like a Mack.Also super specialized windshield looks super expensive when it gets broken, not like the MR flat glass anyone can change. The door release handle was cheap plastic and looks like it will last a week with the number of times it needs to be used per day in refuse service.Time will tell but I think this will flop they should have tweaked the Condor it wasn't the worst truck.
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