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  1. Bob!  I heard it rummored John Casnave is building trucks again is this true?



      No . He bought back the two big ore trucks that went to Sparwood and has rebuilt them which are now for sale.One with a Cummins  KTA600 and one with a DD8V149T.both with Clark 121 rears.

    2. fjh


      Ahhh that makes sense ! I heard He was asking the parts guys about an mp 10  I thought maybe he was dabbling in building another several trucks !He was likely thinking on a re power for one or the other! 

  2. Hey bro have you had Much to do with M drive?

    We did a clutch replace/ absolutely, everything the flyweel , clutch , actuator and valve the clutch will not calibrate there are no leaks. yet the computor says the clutch is operating to slow makes a hell of a chatter when you try to test it manually via VCADS then that error comes up! To top it off there were no actuators in the system we had to go to another dealer to get one makes me suspicious they a having issues with these  and are  not saying ! 

    any thoughts?


  3. fjh

    Barry I recently change to windows 10 this is the first time since last year I i have tried to upload pics I tried  to post a pic yesterday and it uploaded how ever it then said the was a problem but did not clairify what the problem was any tips


  4. 3P we have another dash board on a 2008 gu813

    No alarm truck has 63351 KMs on it ,they are telling us they won't honour any kind of warrenty for this as its over the year period

    DSM giving us a stone wall on this Is there anything we can do!?????



  5. Frank nice to meet you Yes I have been messing with the egr a bit I have 2 customers with egr block outs on and the trucks are running fine both are throwing codes but ar not causing any performance issues!If your goal is to deek out the comuter you have odviously acomplished this then simply install a 1/8 peice of plate drilled to match the egr valve bolt pattern abd install it beneth the...

  6. fjh

    Barry! we are having a problem with getting some after market retrofit dpf kits for 0ur customers with 88 to 93 trucks Apperantly donoldson has signed an excussive contract with Paccar here in BC to supply these to anyone who needs em !The huss out fit that Mack recomends is not reachable they seem to have droped off the face of the earth.

    Any Ideas where else to get these at a rea...

  7. What's on your mind?

    1. chapy


      I have a 1992 CH 600 the truck sat 4 awhile had to put a new tank on I also put a shut off solenoid on I can get fuel to yne pump but no fuel out of the pump any toughts

  8. hey Bro have you got an egr block plate in yet? If not, Do so!

    The first reports I got back from the first one I dun ,the guy is saving 40 bucks a day in fuel Hes real happy!

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