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  1. hello new here on this page. i was researching about mp8 engines and came across your posts on this page. i have question for you . if you be able to help out. i just bought 2015 mack cxu613 with mp8 10 speed 415thousand miles on it . month after engine sign came , took to shop they changed egr valve , egr cooler, aih module, 7th injector, and even manifold which they broke bolt in it .and had to put new one . after all that its my 1st truck as owner op. i started to research egr.dpf.def.scr delete . I've read your reviews about truckecmtunes.com. in future i am thinking bout getting that tune. only question is what else i need to get block it off like egr and hole cut out in dpf and scr. i am fairly new this and not really mechanically wiz but trying to learn as much  . i live out here in indiana. any shop recommendations for getting this done after getting tune from ecmtune, or just take to one to get eveything done right , any help will be awesome thankyou :) 

  2. like about million different things. check your truck for fault codes and that's your start.
  3. My 01 Mack CX613 oil temp too high light comes on and shuts off. 

    1. mp8_macky


      check your sensor or wiring.

      had those issues before on my older macks

  4. i wouldn't go with emulator because it only takes care of filter, and leaves egr on. also every person i know had nothing but bad luck with them (failing quite often). i use ecm tuning on all of mine, and they've been doing great.
  5. that's bullshit. i've done all my mp8s with def (2010-2013 years), and they've been running as good as the ones with no def. i said many times, the only source that has been working flawless for me is https://truckecmtunes.com
  6. one of my customers had exact same problem with mp10 few years back, issue was a bad delete. exact same thing, it would just shut down after 15min you have to use a trustful source of delete tunes
  7. i did warn people that not every delete is the same, and there are a lot of bad deletes. the egr must be blocked off with 2 steel plates, if you don't do that you will still get exhaust into your intake, and soot will build up, vgt will get sticky and fail a lot sooner. bad delete companies usually say that you dont have to block the egr off, some even say you can leave filters on - that's crazy. stick with a good supplier of delete program! as i said for million times here on the forum, i personally use and i forwarded at least a half a dozen of forum members to https://truckecmtunes
  8. emissions are dpf-egr. they are terrible. i almost went bankrupt with them. my salvation was deleting it, and since then i've been running the same engine for 5 years (close to 700.000miles) with no major issues. for emission delete check https://truckecmtunes.com i am very grateful to them, since they saved me
  9. when it comes to diagnostics, there is a gold standard on volvo and mack (mack uses volvo engines). the program is called ptt, premium tech tool. with that program you can read codes, do diagnostics test (injector cut out, cylinder balance...), and even do ecm tuning. along with ptt you need diagnostic adapter i personally use nexiq usb link (around 700$) this nexiq usb link can work with original cat, cummins, detroit diesel program, so it is a handy tool
  10. First step to address to when having low power issues is checking intake for leaks Also when it comes to deletes i've been using https://truckecmtunes.com for 5 years already, i've never had a single issue Keep in mind that there are a lot of bad deletes floating around
  11. i can't stress enough how many emission related issues i had! the only way to get them run right is deleting the junk! i already wrote here before about it, i was close to bankrupt with all the bills building up. the guy who i can highly recommend is https://truckecmtunes.com
  12. the only way to get thosse us10 and us07 macks running right is deleting them. i did my entire fleet and zero issues since then. god knows how many times i was pulling my hair because of those fuckers. i recommend this company https://truckecmtunes.com
  13. try resetting the codes with a code reader or ptt program.
  14. bad actuator could cause rough idle. what's the power like?
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