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  1. the only way to get thosse us10 and us07 macks running right is deleting them. i did my entire fleet and zero issues since then. god knows how many times i was pulling my hair because of those fuckers. i recommend this company https://truckecmtunes.com
  2. try resetting the codes with a code reader or ptt program.
  3. bad actuator could cause rough idle. what's the power like?
  4. these motors are great once they are deleted. their biggest issues is the emission system which almost led my company to bankruptcy. it was terrible. one day it is the doser, the other day it is the sensor... when i did the delete i started breathing again, i can't thank the guy enough. be aware there are plenty of them claiming they can do them, but not a lot of can do them right. the only once that i know who do them right, are the same guys that did my entire fleet. i run these deletes for years now, and never had a single issue. i personally vouch for them. it is https://truckecmtunes.com/
  5. i agree on boost leaks. those manifold know to crack around bolts holding them. do pressure test and check it visually for any cracks. also what you guys should do from time to time is cleaning the boost pressure sensor, if the truck is not deleted it will even require this cleaning more often.
  6. Mack ECMs have to be programmed for either manual or automatic transmission to work properly. I fixed same issue (using deleted ecm from manual trans truck on a truck with auto trans) by reflashing with proper tune. It was done by guys I use all the time, and can't thank enough for solving all my issues https://truckecmtunes.com also regen switch can be disabled in programming parameters in ptt
  7. those macks with square connector are a bitch. they can't delete egr on it, and it is a pain in the ass to have a good delete. unlike the ones with round diagnostic pin (both 6 and 9 pin), i have entire fleet of those deleted and it is the best thing i ever done.
  8. Dang I just saw this. I am not very often on forums sorry. I get here from time to time, and inform people about all issues I had and sovled them. Any how I had a problem with oil leaking into ECM and shorting it. So do the preventive checks. I didnt cut any filters to look for metal but you can do that, if you find metal - you are toast (engine rebuild is about to happen).
  9. I gave up on struggle with emissions. Tried baking filters, doing preventive maintain of systems - nothing helped. Check these guys out they saved my business can't thank them enough https://truckecmtunes.com I am talking about trucks not about machines
  10. They do know to be a pain in the butt to remove. Sometimes they got stuck real bad. I fixed my issues with deleting them. I recommend https://truckecmtunes.com
  11. I recommend that you check EGR valve that can also be an issue, if it is sticking. Do you check for codes? Try cleaning the boost pressure sensor (i doubt that it will help, but you can try).
  12. yes i did block off egr. it must be blocked on intake side too the tuner requested that
  13. we had all of sort of issues like this until we deleted it. will repeat once again we used this guy https://truckecmtunes.com it saved our company!
  14. The mentioned problems of cracking exhaust is because of excessive heating. The issues could be that they didn't drill the DPF DOC SCR filter, or the filter has collapsed - all this would result with an exhaust restrictions. You are supposed to put a 5inch hole in the center of filter, and my tuner recommends fitting a pipe in that hole(to fit tight) so the filter does not collapse. I've done more than 500.000 miles with my deleted MP8 - and never had a problem like that! The tuner I use is https://truckecmtunes.com
  15. Mp8 goes from 415 to 485. 500bhp is on 2010 and up.
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