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  1. if you are replacing injector make sure to program new injector trim codes/files. you will need ptt program to do that. also, injector cups are common issue on those
  2. Yes that is true, but still I had to do it and I don't regret it.
  3. considering the fact that i almost got bankrupt, i just have to share the following with you, it saved me. no matter how much you invest in repairs - it won't run well. https://truckecmtunes.com/
  4. i think you can use it on VMAC1 it has that option, but i didn't try
  5. maybe try using a program such as Norgeon JPRO - that is not bad at all. i had good luck with it. i do thing that you can reset the learned data in PTT under Engine section - and something called Aftertreatment data... (can't recall). best option is deleting it, this saved my ass big time https://truckecmtunes.com/
  6. Problem with the guys I use is the fact that they insist that you have diagnostic adapter and some repair experience, but I can tell you for sure that they are the best money can buy. Reason I am saying that is because I re did couple of bad delete tunings done somehwer else, and had nothing but good luck with them. Also they can do the OBD Macks and Volvos. Thumbs up for https://truckecmtunes.com/
  7. Hey dude, just read your post and visited your link. I'm having  scr engine derate to mph issues. How soon were you able to get your truck right after using those guys and how much did it cost you? Thanks

    1. mp8_macky


      I do have the diagnostic adapter they need and my own shop. so i only paid for tuning.

      I paid like 3200 for the tuning on the ones with def.

      took me like 2-3 days to do all the work (my self).

  8. i use nexiq usb link with the laptop that has ptt (vcads pro). works pretty good, has a lot of troubleshooting...
  9. had same issues like you did, and i solved them by deleting everything take a look at https://truckecmtunes.com/mack-dpf-egr-def-scr-delete.html
  10. i didn't own the e7 mack, but i did own mp8 solve all my issues with this company https://truckecmtunes.com/ can't thank them enough. saved my ass
  11. the ones i can recommend for mack, volvo, cummins and paccar (they did my macks, and my friend used them for cummins and paccar). https://truckecmtunes.com/mack-dpf-egr-def-scr-delete.html
  12. you will for sure have issues with dpf, at least i did on all my trucks
  13. they performed great! no issues at all. the only thing i noticed was boost going from 35 psi to 25-26 psi, but that is normal because it is open exhaust now. i thought that it might have less power because of low boost, so i took one non deleted truck and a deleted truck (both sister trucks). hooked up same load, and used land marks to determine what kind of speed will it get on certain distance...and the speed is the same. once i prooved that to my drivers, they stopped complaining and started driving normal. then i got .5 - .7 MPG more. not hell of a lot, but still better than nothing, right! also no issues with dpf egr scr def - that saved my ass.
  14. it would save a ton of money & work if there was a tune that would eliminate the egr and vgt on old macks. i asked my tuners, but they don't have it. are you happy with power & mpg?
  15. mp8_macky

    EGR Emissions Delete

    if you are looking for someone to do emission deletes, i would recommend http://truckecmtunes.com/truck-dpf-egr-vgt-removal.html they saved my ass from bankruptcy when did my mp8 dpf egr and dpf egr scr deletes. 0 issues since.
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