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  1. yes i did block off egr. it must be blocked on intake side too the tuner requested that
  2. we had all of sort of issues like this until we deleted it. will repeat once again we used this guy https://truckecmtunes.com it saved our company!
  3. The mentioned problems of cracking exhaust is because of excessive heating. The issues could be that they didn't drill the DPF DOC SCR filter, or the filter has collapsed - all this would result with an exhaust restrictions. You are supposed to put a 5inch hole in the center of filter, and my tuner recommends fitting a pipe in that hole(to fit tight) so the filter does not collapse. I've done more than 500.000 miles with my deleted MP8 - and never had a problem like that! The tuner I use is https://truckecmtunes.com
  4. Mp8 goes from 415 to 485. 500bhp is on 2010 and up.
  5. If you are deleting it, I recommend my guy https://truckecmtunes.com
  6. Go to parameter programming, there select mid128 and you will find boxes for programming the injector codes. The thing is that you need to have PTT that has those things unlocked (level as high as dealers). My tuner saves the injector codes before programming, and make sure to put them back. I learned all this from him, and I done quite a few Volvo/Macks and never had issues.
  7. On my Macks fan comes on 210. You can change when the fan kicks in parameter programming using ptt program.
  8. I did quite a few of those, and never had a single issue. The guy that does them for me, states in his instructions that you should verify that engine fan is working after the delete. Also I remember that he told me that there is a parameter on which temp. fan kicks in, you can change that in ECM. Check out https://truckecmtunes.com
  9. I am not sure if they do those macks, but they did magic with my MPs. Take a look at https://truckecmtunes.com
  10. if you are replacing injector make sure to program new injector trim codes/files. you will need ptt program to do that. also, injector cups are common issue on those
  11. Yes that is true, but still I had to do it and I don't regret it.
  12. considering the fact that i almost got bankrupt, i just have to share the following with you, it saved me. no matter how much you invest in repairs - it won't run well. https://truckecmtunes.com/
  13. i think you can use it on VMAC1 it has that option, but i didn't try
  14. maybe try using a program such as Norgeon JPRO - that is not bad at all. i had good luck with it. i do thing that you can reset the learned data in PTT under Engine section - and something called Aftertreatment data... (can't recall). best option is deleting it, this saved my ass big time https://truckecmtunes.com/
  15. Problem with the guys I use is the fact that they insist that you have diagnostic adapter and some repair experience, but I can tell you for sure that they are the best money can buy. Reason I am saying that is because I re did couple of bad delete tunings done somehwer else, and had nothing but good luck with them. Also they can do the OBD Macks and Volvos. Thumbs up for https://truckecmtunes.com/
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