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  2. My 63 Thermodyne on start up takes a good 20 seconds or more to show pressure on the guage. After that holds 30 lbs at idle . Has the remote filter housing, full flow I believe. 3 lines to it. Is there a check valve not working possibly? Or just the way they are? This is with 15 40 oil, 60 degrees outside. Thanks
  3. plugs and points every once in a while, and run forever! terry
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  5. Anyone make it to maggios if they help it Saturday
  6. Yup will be making a new set of fenders as mine have been hacked beyond repair. Just thought I’d check here first if anyone had remains from a previous donor vehicle Sent you a direct msg w email to send pic of your hood to see if it’s in better shape than mine. Thx.
  7. That's odd- I was looking for pictures just now, doing an image search for something totally unrelated, and noticed a picture of Old Bill's red and black B 61. I clicked on it and it took me here- http://users.vianet.ca/bw1/The life_and_times.htm It's not his complete website, but most of his stories are there. How or why, I have no idea.
  8. Looking for a cordless I pack gun,what’s your through?
  9. Flathead six banger EN-271 with a horn bolted to the head and a Fram canister oil filter in orange. A simpler time.
  10. Nice selection of trucks! Also nice that it isn't raining although I see a puddle in the yard. In my neighborhood, I can't remember when we had two sunny days in a row.
  11. Spent quite a bit of time yesterday yakking with a trucker friend of mine whom runs older equipment and paper logs. He has been at it quite a while and runs a very clean 1996 Kenworth all over the southern parts of the country and doesn't have problems. He does not try to push the limits however and keeps the paperwork straight as that's the last 15 minutes of his working day in the truck. Apparently, it can be done; just has to be kept up with including time stamps on fuel, food, and motel breaks. Basically keep up on the time on duty, and off duty accurately. Another friend of mine hauled this auction purchase trailer into their yard and it's needing a lot more work than the purchaser expected. I'm quite possibly going to look at it on Tuesday as it's supposed to rain most of the day and that will preclude any work in sod business.
  12. Rob

    Power Grease Gun:

    When I was working my shop I had a lot of the same setup; reels mounted in a housing above, in front of, and between two stalls. Washer solvent, 50/50 coolant, (green) 50/50 coolant, (Dex-Cool) 5W-20, 10W-30, 15W-40, NGLI-2 grease, and a corded drop light/cord all contained in a "Lincoln" branded housing. All the reels were "Reelcraft", and some pumps were Lincoln, some Graco, some Sandpiper, but all air powered. I still have everything including the storage reservoir(s) which are out back. Not a very portable setup at all but sure would kick cars and trucks out quickly when I was into that type service business.
  13. I noticed no poxy mirrors on the Anthems bonnet, thats a good move Paul
  14. Nice selection of vintage iron! terry
  15. Please send a pic of the hood - see if it’s in better shape than mine. 




  16. When I worked in the big shop working on a mack fleet I had use of grease gun line coming down from the rafters on a reel same as the motor oil . the last job had the rollaround grease drum my battery grease gun is way quicker. I had Lincoln 's for years now I have a snapon I like it better I got it on a special paid the same as a dewalt.
  17. I probably should've called this Thread the Brisbane Truck Show..Her's a pic (Not Mine) from there..
  18. Here is the John Deere Service Advisor Installation guide on Win7/Win10.The steps of installation on win7 is same as win7.I will show the John Deere Service Advisor installation on win7,you just need to check the method.And at end of article you would better watch the video guide. John Deere Service Advisor Freed Download: John Deere Service Advisor Software Free Download Note:Try on WIN7 32bit successfully, try Win10 64bit at your own luck. 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  19. Tuesday I removed the lift pump and fuel lines and dropped everything off at the parts house so they could make new fuel lines and get a replacement lift pump and I am in a holding pattern until they get everything. I did find a lot of oil crud on the block under the injector pump. It has a wet look to it just in front of the tach drive cable, which was very loose. It could be old crud mixed with the engine cleaner or a leak. I will wait until the engine is steam cleaned unless anyone has any other thoughts.
  20. Billy’s looking a bit mangy this time of the year...
  21. Once again I am working away from home , living in my camper . We have some critters that come onto the job , and they take they sweet time getting out of the way.. I saw this flat deck truck in a front yard . And the old jammer skidding rig in the back 40 in a field.
  22. Thanks for the replies, I got a few leads to pursue. I picked the truck and trailer up out of an old guys yard. Hadn't moved in 20 years but spent a lot of time with line and air valve replacement etc and drove it home. It has a small cam Cummins, maybe 350hp? Not sure there is no data tag. 13 speed Eaton and Rockwell rearends. And my favorite is there is what appears to be remnants of factory A/C!
  23. Fisher, although a GM owned subsidiary, also stamped the body panels for the 1973 to 1976 Ford Thunderbird. They did some for the Ford Granada, and Mercury Monarch also. Not guessing as I was repairing cars when those were common on the roads.
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