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  2. I’ve signed an NDA so I can’t say anything about it but I have to say that the minute I have information to share on it I will, I won’t be making a cent of off this and I’m just gonna be spreading the word about a great thing that’s going on that I have the privilege of being a part of. Here’s the accumulation of the work put in so far on my end, but there’s plenty more to come!
  3. I wonder if he has the Mack pewter desk pen holder sets. Three different ones made, don't want to hi jack the tread by posting them. .
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  5. Both the global Ford Ranger pickup and the Everest SUV are tall......the top of the hood is quite high. But I like it.
  6. Ouch!! 3100 rpms?? I'd chew a driver out big-time for that one! Not just for potential damage to truck, but also for sending a freight train down a mountain to who knows who at the bottom! You ruin your engine going downhill you're F 'ed, and most likely going to kill yourself and possibly others.
  7. My 99 CH is about the middle of rear head on left side on the intake manifold
  8. 10 4 sir I will give it a try and see what happens it might take a day or so to get one. Again thanks for your help.
  9. $18,000 because it’s ASET AC and it’s a Northwoods Salty Dog. Like to see the frame up close. Much as your putting on it you want good metal retention.
  10. Your near a transition year......that one I think it was up by the bottom of the radiator taking first grab at draft air before radiator got to it.
  11. I’d grab a “know good” charge air temp sender from another truck and swap them out. Then take it in if no fix. Mack had issues with smoke stumble at low RPM. Yours should already have the fix. It was a software file or adding a 1,000 ohm resistor to the charge air temp sensor.
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  13. I'm getting a 1-4 code..can anyone tell me where to find the ambient air temp sensor on an 03 ch612 Thanks
  14. both wires should rest on ground then when you activate the switch it puts power to one side or the other. you should have a good solid ground on both motor wires when the switch is off.
  15. Very nice looking truck. Bobtailing them dogs are very responsive; not sayin you don’t have problems
  16. Big Mack Trucks member 70mackMB AKA "Hippy" has a treasure trove of trucking and transportation memorabilia. He pointed out a red pen he found at Macungie while searching for new items to add to his collection. Kemp's Mack Museum has since been disbanded but for Mack fans it was one hell of a place to visit. Nice memento from days gone by!
  17. Hello All, I have a 1971 R795ST with the ENDT 865 V8 engine. I'm having a problem with the truck lurching wildy when I'm not totally off the fuel or complete on the fuel. I can't simply maintain say 25 or 35 mph without the truck lurching. If I try backing off the fuel then easing back into it the truck will start lurching again. It dose the same thing if I floor it then back off and try to maintain speed. The linkage and pedal are in good shape, all fittings are not loose fitting nor are they overly tight. I was told at a truck show 2 weeks ago that it sounds like an issue with the governor? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You, Tom VB.
  18. This Brute got a ride to the show. Offset cab LM with modified fenders and a supercharged Cummins in the engine room. Model LMSWL 6 X 4 Chassis No. LM 2 DL 2454 D
  19. it is very possible the relay box is bad. is it a small electronic control box, or the large old fashioned relay box?
  20. Diesel is about 3.10 up here, driver hourly rates are $20-25 or so I believe. What's important is that you're making money; just be careful on 30/60/90/120 day pay, it's all well and good til the economy tanks and you're left hanging for 3 months worth of unpaid invoices. Sounds like your an effective entrepreneur! Keep it up!
  21. Yes the ground wit and power wit come from battery to a relay box with three wire that run to a open and close switch . I put a test light on the relay box and both sides light up on the relay incoming and outgoing . It has to be a ground issue I think because if I ground both poles to the bed and hit the switch it works quick .
  22. Looks like a ford next to it; both look like possibly 8V-71’s
  23. This ones closer, not sure if it’s for sale, but been sitting for quite awhile. Sorry for the sideways pics, iPhones are dumb
  24. I ran Goodyears to about 1975 and have run M&H Racemasters since (45 years). Ran 11.5 went to 12.2. Have a new set of M&H 12.2x33 and a second set of 17x31.5. Both sets run up and lathe trued to 4500. Granted it is the first fuel engine I've run since the 70's but it is "old school" tech I.m familiar with. Fuel system for methanol-benzine always runs extremely lean so here's my set up basically copied from my 70's Alcohol engine. Pump is mounted on the timing gear cover to run at half engine rpm. They increase volume per RPM up to 850 GPM at 7000 rpm . The injectors on the blower intake flow under the carbs flow 11.4 GPM and the eight injectors on the intake runners flow 13.4 GPM dyno set rich. It'll load up below 1600rpm luckily the stick allow me to constantly clear it . The pair of 950 CFM 1 barrels are gutted and mainly there to meet the rules. Gearing is the issue I'm touching red line at a bit before 3/4 track.
  25. alex g

    R Model cab

    I might have one but it won't be perfect I'll take a look
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