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  1. yep it's about a 1/2 hour away from me. Town had a public dump like most small towns had. The dump somehow caught fire which started part of an exposed coal vein on fire and has been smoldering underground ever since.
  2. LOL! no hard feelings! I can't complain. I'm doing all right.
  3. I do drive a white cascadia.
  4. Another kicker is speed. I only drive 210 miles a night, but I have 11 stops. 11 stops can make you loose alot time. 5minutes here and 5 minutes there can loose an hour real quick. My truck does 61mph on the floor, and usually it's doing 61mph when ever it can. I cant even run the speed limit on the interstates so I have to make time somewhere.
  5. Some guys I know use welding cable because its more flexible compared to battery cable. They also say it holds up to vibration better. Also know people that say don't use battery cable because it won't hold up to the vibrations.
  6. And automatics. I'm currently driving one and doing what I do with 11 stops a night I love it. However we have guys that have no idea how to drive a manual and refuse to. They say its just like driving there SUV, and the sad thing is that's how they drive the trucks just like a 4-wheeler. Hopefully the plow driver has 100% recovery.
  7. I agree. Do to some of the history on this site not exactly what I was expecting but still a neat pic.
  8. I use my phone. When you type a message there is a little paper lip below the typing box that say click to choose files. I click that and it takes me to my phones photo gallery. I click on the pic I want and it will load in a small box below the message I'm typing. Then there is a small + on the pic that needs clicked on so it will add it to the message. Good luck. We like pictures.
  9. Usually when you see FedEx on roads like that around here they are on there side.
  10. Yep what he said. Since I made a 3rd ramp I use all 3 just because I haul the 3rd on the beaver tail and have to move it anyway.
  11. It was a load. It was harder getting them all to fit back on at the show. Lots of people watching.
  12. my short box pickup has probably handled more weight then a lot of long boxes out there. My box is used as a trunk, it hauls very little. I bought a truck to pull a trailer. And yes it's a gas motor.
  13. I got the correct version for my truck in the mail today. I just sent her a picture of what's in the truck and she did the rest.
  14. Thanks. Both my shells have the 2 bottom bolts, and nothing behind the headlight panels. My b67 is a 63 model.
  15. It is a sharp ford if the stacks where at the right place.