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Ok, I turned 21 in January and my tags on my truck expired in february. So I went to the DMV and bought apportioned tags, since I am legally allowed to leave the state of Va in a commercial vehicle. I was planning on running in MD, WV, and PA sometime this year. I just received my quarterly fuel tax report in the mail today. I have all my records but it looks like more of a pain in the ass than anything. I am thinking about turning my tags in for VA tags and just staying in VA. My hat goes off to you guys that run multi state everyday and have to fill out this darn thing every 3 months. Has anyone been audited? Any helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.

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when i still had my truck and was running middle atlantic/northeast i had a guy do mine that did it for a living. he charged me 25.00 a month. i just had to keep track of the miles in each state, fuel purchased and where and my tolls. it was well worth the 25.00 dollars.

and remember


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