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Another Mini Mack Project!

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ebay or any large hobby shop should have a good selection of old mack models

I think all the 1/25 and 1/24 scale mack models (besides the superliners) are temporary discontinued. However they are still selling from people that buy them in large amounts and mark them up

http://www.stsmodeltrucks.com/ has all the needed aftermarket parts for your mack truck models


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I just ordered and built an AMT Mack DM800 from www.modelroundup.com for like 40 bucks. It's the 1971 kit reissued by The Model King. I've also heard rumors that they're talking about reissuing the old MPC Mack DM600... cant wait for that one!


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hi all

i just joined

i see there are 1/25 scale macks here too

i thought it was just the real things

i just bought 2 DM-600 macks in 1/25 (fibreglass hood)

ordering 2 DM-800s

also planning to get 2 more DM-600s to convert to the metal butterfly hood

instructions say engine is a ENDT673 maxidyne with 5 spd maxitorque trans

is this accurate?

i'm trying to find pics of this engine because i want to build it correct

i also want to add all the lines,hoses etc

any info would be very much appreciated

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