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New Mack Technician, Finally!

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Hello group. This is a great site. Haven't found any other site more devoted to Mack. My question is, now that I've finally gotten hired on as an official Mack(and Volvo!) technician, how can I go about convincing my bosses to let me start working on electrical systems and computer problems? I enjoy being a technician in all aspects but I would really like to begin breaking into the electronics as soon as possible. Also, any information on any schools that may be offered by Mack(or Volvo!) and where they are located would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Keep on Mack'en.

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You want to work on computers? Im still in highschool and plan on being a diesel mechanic and i like being as far away from computers as i can be (exept when im on bigmacktrucks.com). I work weekends and my summer with a mechanic and all the computers seem to do is cause more trouble that their worth. The epa is the worst idea our government has ever come up with.


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