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How Do You Post A Picture

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:rolleyes: I have just recieved a digital camera and need to know how to post pictures. It seems that the posts with pictures have the most interest Thank You

It's easy-if I can do it, it has to be. :lol: Down at the bottom of your post, or your reply to a post, you'll see a box that says ''browse''. Just click on it then find your picture, from pictures,documents,desktop-where ever it might be. Right click on the picture, a window will open, then click ''select'', then click ''upload'' at the bottom of your post. When it's finished you should see a green check mark saying ''upload successful''. Then go all the way down and click ''add reply'' and you're done.

When I post pictures I usually resize them first, in case they're too big, and I usually right click on the picture and where the window pops up and says ''send to'' i'll send it to the desktop, just so I can find it easy when I post it...but you don't have to.

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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You are getting good at telling how to post pic,s , i didn,t have a clue , when i first got my computer i had to get my 13 yr old neplew to come out to tell me how to get online, again Thanks for the help :mack1:

yeah, pretty much just a repeat. Your nephew's about the right age, they seem to know everything about all kinds of electronic gadgets at that age.

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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