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A, on this day


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We all tend to get wound up about what in the grand scheme of things is a load of rubbish and means two tenths of stuff all

Every now and then I come across a story that has a lasting long term effect on me and changes my way of thinking for the better I hope

This one of those stories

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Now I believe if we are honest with ourselves we get wound up about a lot of rubbish at times

Men, 100s of thousands of them gave their lives for us to live our lives in a free world, we crap on about our freedoms getting taken away and blah blah blahdy blah

This story for some reason had real profound effect on me, made me proud to be a Australian, made me embarrassed to think of all the childish bickering about nothing I have taken part in

Bought a tear to my eye to think what it must of been like for his parent's to never share another birthday, Christmas or any other special event with their son

Most of all it sort of shocked me into not wasting time on rubbish and dribble that means nothing 

Have a great day everyone, have a thought for young Les, who on this day at 22 years of age gave it his best for us all





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