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E-6 350 water pump.

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Thinking of just getting a new water pump rather than putting the old one back together. Don't want to have to screw around with it once the truck is finished and difficult to work on. So, having said that, is this the right water pump for my 2V, E-6 going in a b-61?. https://www.agkits.com/mack-e6-e7-engine-water-pump-316gc284.aspx

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18 minutes ago, BOBWhite said:

Adding onto that what is the difference between a long shaft pump an a short shaft pump? Does the radiator sit closer to the engine on the B models? 

Yeah definitley sits closer.   terry:MackLogo:

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23 hours ago, terry said:

Don't know if it is short enough, has to be no longer than the original B model pump. It has the shaft length, maybe compare to the b model one.   terry:MackLogo:

I measured the shaft length from the one I have off the B-61 but they do not state where their measurement is taken from. If I stand the shaft I have on the bench on the impeller, it has a total length of under 6.5" which seems right but that is the shaft AND the impeller and I don't know if that is how they are typically measured or not. I suspect it is correct as the shaft goes all the way through the impeller so it IS total shaft length. A bigger concern is this "Technical Specs: Metric Housing, Stamped Impeller, Base Pump with 6 19/64" shaft length, No Pulley". What does "metric housing" mean??. 

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