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T2180 grinding issue.

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Having a problem occasionally shifting into 3rd gear on a t2180. When you put it into gear, sometimes it doesn't engage and makes a grinding jumping sound. I find that if I go back to neutral then shift back, more often then not it engages. once in a great while, it will do it under heavy load once it is already well engaged. It can do it in both high and low split. Does anyone know what can cause this? The transmission has very low miles on it since rebuild.

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You say the tranny was re-built?  by you? or another?  you say 3rd gear grinds, in low and high range. 2nd and 3rd, share the same shift fork and sliding clutch.  was the shift cover gone through during the re-build? 

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12 hours ago, ekennedy21 said:

wouldn't that cause the problem in every gear?


Just an easy check ! It could be just an anomaly that it is happening it that gear ! yes it should be doing it all the time any time ! The split could be jumping out as well  but not as common ! Joe is hinting at that there! Air pressure is another thing you could check around 70/80 psi is good!

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