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GVW after converting to single axle

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I have converted a tandem R600 to a s/a   The blown 38,000 Mack rears were replaced with a Mack RAD529 24,000lbs rear axle with the Mack 23,000lbs springs that came with it.  The truck has an 18,000lbs front axle.  22.5 rubber

I need (should) to determine a new lower GVW for the truck.  I have not scaled it yet to determine it's new net weight.   The door tag is blank and always has been and I see there are a few outfits online that are duplicating door tags on old truck.    Not trying to do anything funny here, just would like a legible and accurate door tag with current and relevant weight numbers on it that apply to the truck now that it's a single.

 Any insight as to how I would best determine a "new" GVW for this unit?   The old GVW was 53,xxxlbs.    Im thinking the new GVW should be in and around the 36,000lbs range.

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Well in USA if the axle centers are 8' apart or greater they can be considered separate (for bridge formula). Since this truck was originally 18,000 front and 38,000 rears you should be fine saying its 41,000 gvw (18 + 23). However, in the federal bridge law the most you can have on any single axle is 20,000 so maybe just say the gvw is 38,000 (18+20). If the truck is a tractor its difficult to get 18,000 pounds on the steer axle since its set forward. If its a dump truck or something else you may be able to max out the steer depending on where the body is located in relation the rear axle center and how its loaded. 

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