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1985 Mack Running Full Throttle

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I have 1985 Mack MH Cabover with the 350 e6.

It has been sitting for about 3-4 years. When it was parked, it was running fine.

We went to start it recently, and it runs wide open. Full throttle. I had to cut the air off to the turbo to get the motor killed.

What would cause this?

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Correction , it's not CH but a MH
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Is the throttle linkage frozen, or is the return spring missing.. many pumps default to 'wide open' when the return spring is gone.

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Also, there is a fuel shot off lever on the injection pump. Get some one to start it up and then you test it to see if it shuts the fuel off. I'm sure it works, just get familiar with it.  It is no where near as dangerous as getting your fingers close to the turbo inlet... 

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