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Mack thermostat

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Hey everyone, 

 Truck was overheating today. Was a little warm with no load but once it was loaded temp was getting pretty high. I have a cv713 with an AI 460 and the fan is working properly, there's no coolant loss and the water pump seems to be in good order too. Mack dealer tells me there's two thermostats in this motor so does anyone know where they are located? The dealer basically told me just look by the turbo so I guess they're not a lot of help if you're not willing to spend big money there. Thanks in advance 

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Front of engine, driver side. Basically the housing that the upper radiator hose comes out of.

Check your turbo boost, a cracked charge air cooler will cause elevated pyrometer temps, leading to elevated head temps, and thus elevated coolant temps. Not sure if/how that EECU reacts to reduced boost.

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