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97 ch 355/380 with rebuilt fuel pump

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I assume it’s a VMAC 2 electronic pump. Did you use the A/B timing light to time and install the pump? Some pumps time on #1 and some time on number 6 .  There is a rack rod adjustment that can be done but the pump shop should have done that . 

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Thanks for thr help it starts the way it used to now the problem is its acking like it has dead batteries 2 were bad replaced all 3 started fine 3 dsys 4th nothing the volt meter was reading 15/16 the multi meter said the alternator was 14.77 the alternator is around 4 years old no clue where to start looking on this one electric is not my game

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I know there are many ways to try to find the voltage draw that is killing the batteries..  What other electrical repairs were done recently?  Was the starter replaced?  You say that elec. is not your thing..  I get it..  Here is a thing you can do..   (with the key off) Remove the main pos. cable/s off the batteries. if you have more than one, remove both. leave the neg's attached..  If you have more than one pos. battery cable, bolt them together.  put a test light on any of the positive battery post, (on a good battery) and the other end on the positive cable or cable's..  with the (key off). If the test light is on, you have a 'draw'. So now, eliminate a newer stereo that remembers channels, and any other electronics that do the same, ie: C.B. radio. also unplug any phone chargers, and the ELD, if you have one..  if the test light stays on with these items are removed or unplugged, there is a 'Draw'..  now go to the fuse box and pull fuses, one at a time.. pull one, if the light stays on, put it back in and go to the next one.  Keep doing this until the light goes out..  The fuse that shuts the light , has the draw..  This can take a bit of time, but it is a simplle way to try and locate the bad circuit.  I know this isnt a Professional way to trouble shoot, but if you have limited tools and skills, it can work.  Good luck,   Jojo

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I should have asked you what the truck is built for.?  If it pulls a dump trailer for example, do you have a ISO cord for a tarp motor or vibrator,  or strobes.  anything that uses electricity, that could have a switch left on or faulty..  Ok..... I go now...  :) 

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