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Coolant drain hose

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Anyone with a 2008 or newer Mack or Volvo who does any work on their truck needs a coolant drain hose tool. It makes draining coolant super easy since there are no petcock drains on them anymore. Part number 9996049 , they are not available from Mack anymore and cost is $136. Type that part number into Amazon and $40. I bought mine through Mack many years ago. My buddy was needing one    and called Mack and found out the price and no availability. I got him the part number and Amazon to the rescue. 


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Since we are on the subject of cooling systems for these trucks and what comes out must go back in, this tool I find is a must have for any newer diesel. Any kind of air in these systems is detrimental to parts especially egr coolers. Doesn’t have to be snap on but i find this one works very well. 


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I quite like the coolant sucker tank its real expensive It was a recommended  essential tool at one point !   but a nice have if you do lots of cup jobs! Was a money maker tool for the Volvo turds at one point! Most of those essential tools  are 200 percent Mark up tools to the dealer real criminal ! Now you now why the part of the reason shop rates are so dam high a lot promoted by the Mother ship! Shop around guys! 

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