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Mack boneyard in Southwest Virginia


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I travelled to rural Southwest Virginia this past weekend to pick up a sleeper I need for a future project. The gentleman selling it ended up have a pretty extensive collection of old Mack parts and some trucks. He was in business from the 60s up until 1998 and saved everything. He has trailers full of parts. Lots of differentials and carriers, transmissions, engines, etc. I also saw several camelback complete cutoffs laying around. As far as trucks he has two complete mid 80s R model tractors and a complete B61 single axle tractor with concave cab and a late 40s or early 1950s (guessing) White Super Power tractor. Also lots of other trucks, tractors, and just general "stuff" laying around and its all for sale. I don't want to publish his information directly on the internet but if anyone is interested in reaching out to him PM me and I can pass along his contact information. Newport, VA just west of Blacksburg.

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