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2009 Mack CHU613 cruise and jake not working

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Hello all. I have a 2009 Mack CHU613 cruise and jake don't work. The fuse for the cruise, 10 amp blows immediately when I turn the key on. I have the lightning bolt and was trying to get the code, but I'm assuming you need the cruise fuse to work to get that 2 digit code. I have replaced the whole fuse panel in it, as a couple slots were real sloppy. We've tested the wiring from the switch all the way up to the valve covers where the jake solenoids are and all wires check ok with continuity. Any and all help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help or suggestions in advance. Also. the driver who's been driving Macks for ever has a question about a button, it looks like a key. Its the second button from the right or third from the left, any guesses? Thanks again.


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Try isolating the short. First put in a circuit breaker so you are not replacing fuses while testing. Disconnect one thing at a time that the fuse supplied power too. I dont have any wiring diagrams to send you to help with. 


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I know this thread is older, but I wanted to update it. Turns out the driver was pooping fuses in the fuse box like tic tacs, if it was a 15 amp fuse, didn't matter just stick another in. Replaced the now melted fuse panel, trace a short, it all works fine now. Thankfully multiple mechanics looked at it. The first mechanic was sure be traced the short under the valve cover, second mechanic found it by accident, next to a aftermarket filter kit that someone put on that this truck didn't need, so in the removal process, the short was found due to the aftermarket kit that was installed.  Thank you all for your help in keeping this truck rolling! 

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