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E6 jakes

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the e-7 is a different set up. I believe the bolt hole are a different size, the jacobs 690 heads, have a larger hole and the bolts are shoulderd to fit in the hole, and they are metric thread, and the adjuster on the e-6 uses a fork to set jake lash based on turbo type,  the e-7 uses a .015 feeler gauge,  or .017, or .021  depending on the updates that were done to the jake heads,,  and I think there is only 3 bolts holding the e-6 engine brake head down, where the e-7 uses 6......  I'm curious.... Jojo

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On 4/11/2022 at 8:14 AM, Mack superdog said:

I have an 89 4 valve e6 350 that has a dynatard I’m looking to put jakes on it I have a 2000 e7 electronic engine laying around will the jakes bolt right up or are they totally different 

On a superliner i did have i had dyntard on it and put jakes on it later.I think the dynatard works better than the jakes.

glenn akers

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