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01 Mack Dog

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My CH 600 will completely lose oil pressure at random, may run fine for a week, then die 20 times in a mile because of, seemingly loss of oil pressure. Recently was so bad I left it over night came back next morning and ran great the rest of the way home, any input on this problem would be greatly appreciated 

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Paul is probably right,  do you have any codes, does a buzzer go off before shut down, what does the gauge say when it shuts off? will it do it on the yard? if so can you hook a 'real' gauge to it to see if oil pressure is truly low?  the sensor is on top of the oil filter pad above the centri-max filter..  jojo

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just for kick's, going on what Paul said,,  Pull the eecu fuse #40 or41 in the box under the hood, remove the oil pressure sensor, screw a 2-3" long 1/8" npt pipe into the port, wire tie an old white sock or rag over it, leaving some room in it to catch stuff, and crank the engine until you see oil pressure come up on the gauge, then pull the sock off and look inside to see if there is any chunks or cackaa....  then just put it all back together... jojo

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