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Crack on an aluminum frame

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I have a 1987 RW613 with an aluminum frame.  I noticed a hairline crack about 2 inches long coming from one of the bolt holes for the cross members on the main frame.  Can this be repaired by a qualified welder or do I need to have it fish plated? Thanks 

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I'm having trouble finding someone willing to repair it.  I've talked to a couple welders who didn't want to mess with it.  From what I've been told I need to get it welded and then fish plated too. The DOT regs say as long as repairs are bolted/ not welded according to manufacturers specs, it's ok. In 27 years of driving other people's trucks I don't believe I ever ran one with that kind of frame repair. At least not that I noticed 

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My repaired R model frame has sleeves centered on the outside of where the welds are. It's not just about making the crack go away, it's also about making sure the frame holds up.  Mack has a book with "how to repair frames" properly. If you're going to do it, follow Mack's instructions...

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