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rear axle bushing replacement

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I see my bushing are about gone or gone 

I feel a little vibration I'm sure it's coming from the rear 

I was hit in the side front to back about 8 months ago and I could see where the spring had hit the saddle 

it was put on the freak machine and alignment machine

was told in spec but I see the bushing the rear is moving back and forth not alot but it's there 

all tq rods was replaced bout a year ago 

is this a tough job or can be done at home with normal tools


if possible I'd like to replace with greaseable set up 



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This is a tough job.. specially for the first time.As far as tools go, you will need a short anvil stubby one inch drive impact to torque the ubolts..it could be done manually with big ratchet and a 5 foot schedule 40 pipe for leverage...you have 38k pound suspension, the greasable one starts at 44k pounds and up...it can be converted but you would have to change trunnion and heavier duty springs...dont quote me on that last one.. someone will chime in a confirm...



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I all too well remember the days of the extended pipe on a breaker bar; every morning i wake up as a matter of fact. my thoughts of the video :1 -no never seize on the bolts on install;2- not even an impact socket on torque multiplier 3- no gloves or back brace;  without a doubt a job  for pros

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