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P2436 won't go Inactive


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2018 Mack LC613 (Trash truck) As the title shows I have a P2436 code for DPF Soot Accumulation it stays active anytime the key is on. I previously had a code for the 7th injector solenoid that caused issues driver waited until truck was in derate to bring it in. Replaced the AHI module for a stuck open solenoid. 

After replacing the module I performed a regen and this P2436 came up. I have looked unto the TSBs relayed and replaced 7th injector to be sure that wasn't an additional issue. 

Performed DPF Soot Accumulation reset but the Soot level will not come off of 140%

All numbers during Regen are within Spec and the DPF differential sensor says 0.1psi. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can provide additional info as required as I am sure I'm missing something. 

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Are you using Tech Tool? If so , when you go to choose the type of regen  ( on some emission years there are 3-4 types of regens) choose the one with the blue circle by it . If you choose the wrong one the soot level won’t drop. What are your T1 , T2 and T3 temps 3/4ways through the regen?  Is the T2 temp getting to hot and cutting fuel on and off ? Being a common rail engine, the AHI is in the fuel filter housing. Did you check the air pressure to the AHI?  I’m not sure what it should be on a common rail engine but the older AHI style needed 32 psi. , the air pressure regulator seemed to go bad a lot , we used to change the AHI , 7th injector, air pressure regulator and air drier cartridge and drain all the air tanks . The regulator is usually mounted by the air drier 

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So I am an idiot... I performed about 10 forced Regen and the soot load wouldn't go down code wouldn't clear. After replacing the 7th injector as per a TSB I found in High Flow updated injector I performed a regen viathe the dash and boom code gone ash and soot reset. I totally thought the scanner would accomplish what I wanted and I was wrong. Good news lesson learned. 

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