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E7 350 has warm egt’s with 4” turbo back exhaust


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I was on here a while back and had bought a truck with an upgraded s-400 turbo which had terrible turbo lag. I added bigger injectors and made a few tweaks to the pump. Truck runs great now but egt’s are a little warm. 1050 degrees behind turbo @ 36-37 pounds of boost. If I’m driving it and get in a long pull I can let out of throttle and get it to drop down but at some point one of my lead foot drivers will be in it so I’m thinking I need to cool it down. My question is, if I get rid of the 4” exhaust will that help or do I need to back fuel down a little? I really like how it’s running and hate to defuel it. 

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19 hours ago, R.E.D said:

Absolutely, 5" will flow more cfm, therefore lower back pressure and lower egt's.But I don't think the drop in egt would be substantial.If your not running a straight pipe, check your muffler for obstructions ,it could be plugged up from years of use...but never the less in my opinion, it's never a good idea to give a driver a modified truck..that's just asking for trouble...just my .02¢

Also want to add here!  be sure the muffler you buy is Made for a single exhaust truck  4inch or 5 inch ! There is a difference  in dual and single ! We got burned once by making a dual into a single and not changing mufflers ! School  of hard knocks came into play here!


Just sayin

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