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“Mot/5246-16” is a code telling you that “Mot/3516-18” has been on for a while and the operator has ignored it and that you must do something now. Most likely machine went into derate. I see there are three codes but only two posted. I would say check your Diesel Exhaust Fluid level and make sure no one added anything but Quality Diesel Exhaust fluid. If you don’t know drain the tank and put quality DEF in it. 

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Try what I said about the DEF and making sure it’s good quality. I’d just drain the tank and put good stuff in. Let us know what happens, it could be a bad sensor….All these codes are tied together. 

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Dear Sir,

Once again I am a little bit explaining here about the error 

Below 3 errors is continuously displayed on the monitor

1) MOT/3516-18

2) MOT/5246-15

3) MOT/5246-16

Soot level is present: 7.05 h

presently Diesel Exhaust Fluid level is: 76%

site team already drained DEF and refilled again new DEF.

but the error is the same.

When the Manual regeneration switch is on then the below error is also displayed on the monitor 

1) MOT/3750-15 Aftertreatment 1 Diesel Particulate Filter Conditions Not Met for Active


- Data valid but above normal operating range - least severe level

2) MOT/6-31 Not available or condition exists




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Bro we are truck guys here However most of this junk operates in a similar fashion Can you locate the def dosing valve it will likly be mounted in front of the after treat box? if you can remove it and check for crystal formation this would identify an issue with that injectors spray Or an exhaust leak near it also There is a possibility the def pump has failed! Again there maybe some one on the site here that is familiar with the cat way of doing things so keep checking back here! 

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Remove the diesel exhaust dosing valve/injector and make sure it’s clean like FJH said. If all is good there I would suggest a DEF Quality Sensor. We will gladly try and help you out the best we can, here’s another website that might have some knowledgeable people on this. 


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