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What is it worth?


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I have a 1975 Mack firetruck I was going to use for a project but things might be changing. Still haven't convinced myself that I'll never get to it. haha.

The truck has about 32k miles on it 

The motor is the Mack ENTD-865 turbo diesel. It runs perfect and purrs like a kitten

The Transmission is the Allison HT-740D Automatic. This will not shift out of 1st gear. I've never had a chance to troubleshoot but I was going to look for a 4x4 transmission anyways. One thing I thought was maybe there is a safety to protect the water pump from over speeding and that is why it won't shift? Never really looked at it. !st forward and reverse both work fine.

The firefighting components are kaput. Don't even figure that as any part of the value.

I have the original Mack Service Manual from the factory with it also but I have no title.

Just curious what a fair price would be for this? From what I have read, these motors are impressive for performance and torque and that is why I was thinking of using it for my project .

What would be a fair price for a low mileage motor in a rolling chassis?

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ga dave would probably know,,,that thing looks real good...price??? sorry i dont have a clue,,as far as getting to it,,ive had my DM 27 years and hardly done anything to it,,,but still fixing on doing the restoration thru the years i have been collecting parts and building a garage...finally just about ready to start on it....go for it...transmission sound like stuck valve in valve body...i would start there   .bob

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This here is the most odd post for me ! We have in our yard a fire truck converted into a food truck !

It is almost identical in spec! The engine in the unit we have had a leaky liner and took out the bearings by being run with water in the base a real shame The guy bought it for 15000 4 years ago if that gives you an idea for its worth! Unfortunately  He put 15000 in grilles and cooking equipment  into it then the motor createred !

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