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Speedometer calibration RD688

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I bought a truck with a brand new pai speedometer in it and the idiot that owned the truck took it out of the box and put it in without calibrating it. I called the man I bought it from and asked if he had the paperwork that came with it and of course his answer was, We just took it out and put it in and then threw the box away, and in doing so, along with the paperwork. I was wondering if anyone else might have replaced their's with a pai FSP-0544 and might have a copy of the programming instructions. I know it's a longshot, but pai will not help anyone if you are not a distributor. Sad that you have their product and won't help anyone ! ! 

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so you have the 10 dip switches on the back of the speedo?  I have the procedure printed out, when you respond I will try to post what you need..  also need to know tire size, 16 teeth on the output shaft of the tranny, and may need to know top gear ratio, probably around  .76:1  .. The last one of these that I fixed, i used the book that I have and I put  speedometer App on my phone so I could test drive and check it without have to pace another vehicle..  jojo

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