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  1. I have a 97 RD688s with an E7 350. When driving along when cold outside, my temperature gauge does not go up very much and if I idle, the heat I get goes cold. If I put a piece of cardboard in front of the radiator, it gets warmer and on a hard pull, it will get up to 180 to 200 and then level out after the pull back to around 130 to 140. But if I idle, it blows cold. I bought a winter front recently and will try that but I was wondering if it may have a stuck open thermostat. Or does a Mack just run cold all the time. I have never experienced a truck having an issue like this
  2. Yep, changing filters doesn't help it at all. Not many good Mack mechanics left around here in the Baltimore/Washington area (that I can find) that know how to work on mechanical Mack engines. Had 3 look at it so far and they can't figure it out. My problem is hard to explain and best when they drive it and still can't figure it out
  3. I have had this roll off truck for just a little over a year. When I had it inspected, the man told me I had a plus because it had the fuel pump replaced because it was a slightly different color and had yellow markings at the injector lines and a few other places. I about fell out when he said it usually runs about 3 grand to do a Mack pump because I have always been a Cummins dude. Ever since I got it, it hardly had any real amount of smoke come out like most other Macks I see that do and it has a delayed turbo boost. I had a slight miss when idled up a few rpms so I bought a set of exchang
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