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TRXL-107 in a B61

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Still gathering info for my B61 project and am looking at the trans swap. I read somewhere that the bell housing/clutch had to be used from the B61 because the Lever points UP on the factory TRXL-107 and points DOWN on the b61 plex trannys. I did a search but can't find where i had seen it or any reference to it. Is this a straight swap and if so, what parts from the plex trans do i need to use with the 6spd?. 

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The older stuff with the bottom-pivoting pedal may indeed be different that later stuff with the top-pivoting pedal.  The former were all linkage, I believe, while the latter were cable-operated.

You sure do bring up things that make people think!

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I will figure all this out on my own (then will share what I find to help others doing similar projects). Just asking in case someone has already "invented this wheel" so I can just proceed with confidence rather than trial and error. Kinda like walking in the dark. I will get where I'm going cautiously feeling my way but would be easier if someone that knows the path could tell where to and not to step (if you know what I mean). 

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