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Maybe I'm Just Old School???


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I rode Harleys for years and I never really cared for either one of those items we’re both very uncomfortable to ride with…  Maybe Some of these fools didn’t realize how uncomfortable both were until they were bought and paid for and installed by then it was too late  to return them ha ha … bob

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On 6/11/2021 at 7:20 AM, mrsmackpaul said:



No your all wondering what the fudge does this photo have to do with what we are talking about 


It was on Facebook the other day and people made comments as to just how gutless these trucks are to shift such a load

Well as most of you know, I dont know my ass from my elbow 

I made the comment that was made to me one day sitting at the road house at Springsure in Queensland with maybe the higher side of 70 ton on heading south and the next range to climb was the Carnarvon range

A older and wiser fella asked if he could sit down at my table and of course I welcomed the opportunity for a yarn

Anyway he asked about my old bucket of bolts out the front and we got talking and the Carnarvon range came into the conversation 

His eyebrows raised a tad when I mentioned I was heading that way

He didn't say dont try it or any such thing, his only comment was

"Plenty of blokes with a lot less power have pulled a load that big or bigger over there"

My point is this truck in the photo is only 250 hp with a 6 pot Cummins or 300 with the 903 Cummins (I  had to Google that)

I suggested that it's about gearing when shifting big loads not horse power 

I also suggested when carrying big loads you dont want a lot of speed as trouble finds you quick enough

And that not that many years ago, loads this big and bigger were shifted with little more than say 150 horse power

Have we really lost our that much over the years ?






By the way Carnarvon range is the only mountain range that I have seen that has a sign at the bottom of the hill saying "Trucks must use low gear when climbing hill"

I tried to find that on Google earth but couldn't. 

I watched a YouTube video of a truck on the "million dollar highway" the other day, that was a pretty wild ride.

Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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