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fan clutch conversions

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I don’t think their is such a conversion and I think you would still have the same issue anyway. Being the ECM would pry still command some type of air solenoid to activate the fan. Best bet would to figure out why the fan is always on. 

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find the ground wire at the fan harness, cut into it and run it to a switch in the dash.   the old timey way...  or mabey find the fuse and put it on switch....   or.....  wait for a few more comments. jojo

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When these fan hubs die they automatically revert to locking up as to not leave you stranded with no fan loaded and risk cooking the motor. 


Can t into the solenoid wire, run it to a switch as a band aid but only if the fan solenoid isn't the reason it isn't working anymore. Power= fan off, no power= fan on. Takes a little while after feeding it power to disengage as they're viscous. 

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