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Help with strip threads for belt tensioner


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Ok main belt was worn time to change grab tensioner was loose tried to tighten nope bolt pulled out with a heli coil around it sob! My question obviously owners before me fixed it with coil. Don’t know why it failed can I do the same or does some know a better repair ? It’s In the aluminum front cover tensioner #21291243 or is only right way to replace entire front cover thanks for any help 


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Oh geez,

Are the threads in the timing cover that accommodated the heli-coil in good shape? 

If it is find out what the thread pitch is and see if a new bolt will fit in the bolt hole without any slack. If it is in good shape, I was wondering if you could drill out the belt tensioner so the new bolt will fit in the tensioner without any issues. You would probably need to use a bolt that has a allan head. 

One option is to fill the bolt hole with a plug weld and re-drill and tap a new hole. 

Another option would be replacing the timing cover. 

I would be more inclined to try a larger bolt and drill out the tensioner if possible. Maybe someone else can chime in on this. F or Joey would have some good suggestions.



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Ok thanks, the hole was tapped to fit a heli coil I put one in last night but the bolt for tensioner does not seem to get real tight so I’m worried to death it going to come out. I did not know I could drill a hole bigger in tensioner that might be a great idea heli coil is a 10.5 but od is bigger of course the threaded insert sound better I will try to order some just was wondering if they will last or just do the dang cover thanks for your guys professional help I really appreciate it

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