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05 aset ac460 water pump housing


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Hello there, I'm new to the Forum. I hope I'm not barging in on a conversation at the wrong topic. I've recently got my front water pump housing tore down to replace with a new one, and a lot of the bolts seemed extremely hard coming out of the front cover - two of them were broken (fan hub bracket studs). Can anybody tell me if Mack recommends anti-seize on any of the accessory bolts in this cover?

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Hey diesel89,

I cant see were it would hurt any to do that, anti-seize is always a good friend of mine especially when bolts break, new ones normally turn gray before they go back in. If you have a tap and die set might want to clean the bolt holes up and the threads on the old bolts.

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Good clean bolts with or without anti seize will work... they only torque to 33 lbft.. so I'm guessing someone put them in with a 1/2" gun before you got it...😃 Yes... chase the threads... jojo

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Adding any lubricant to the bolts will change the torque value. If the OEM does not mention adding anti seize or lubricants to the threads I would advise against it. JoJo said it correctly, clean bolts is all that is needed. 


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