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  1. Hey diesel89, I cant see were it would hurt any to do that, anti-seize is always a good friend of mine especially when bolts break, new ones normally turn gray before they go back in. If you have a tap and die set might want to clean the bolt holes up and the threads on the old bolts.
  2. so I have been finding exhaust flex pipes that have been broken near NOx sensors and that has been causing them to read incorrectly. also there has been a lot of crystallizations build up on the flex pipe between the DPF and the SCR I have found two lower DPF housings that are cracked next to the Def injectors (it is a hair line crack) (also have been told that it can crack on the flange for the Exhaust flex but have to heat them up to see cracks) but that cause fresh air to get in to the dpf and scr and causes crystallization build up witch interrupts the exhaust flow and causes the P20EE cod
  3. Hey guys I am just wondering if you guys have any Self made Diagnostics that you use like a check lit for the dreaded P20EE00 code I have replaced two SCR'S via E-service under warranty I have had this code a few times on trucks that are not under warranty and I have replaced the dosing valves the flex pipe between SCR and DPF and NOx sensor very once in a wile and to a Sublimation regen, but I feel I need a better check list then what CBR provides Thanks for the help in advance. ps were a small dealership and not very many guys here that have several years of experience
  4. Hey every, one I am a Diesel tech at a Mack dealership and I love working on just about anything but I like Macks the best I am also a Volunteer Fire Fighter witch I am also very passionate about also a Christian, that makes it tuff working in a "shop" atmosphere if you know what I mean. I am mainly looking for additional diagnostic help on strange or reoccurring issues with trucks as well as willing to help others with there issues. Excited to be apart of MBT .
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