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Registration for truck being used to pull camper

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On 12/30/2020 at 9:58 PM, Quickfarms said:

Where are you located? 

does the truck have a sleeper?


what year is the truck?


Just now, Dsldave1973 said:

I just now noticed that I had a reply , it did have a sleeper tandem axle now a day single axle . I am in pa 1995 Mack CH 


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It just made the 25 yr old break, so historical tags are a possibility.  Though I'm not sure about pulling a camper is per say legal?

Granted I use a historical tags on my B to pull my race trailer, but it sees very random use.  I've skirted the issue for 20 yrs now.



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I'm curious. And Floduh keeps changing it.  So far, for now what matters is your endorsement, your medical card. People with a straight truck CDL and no extras can drive their RV provided they have liquid brakes. Your set up is a combo, so no passengers to worry about legally. Here, there is an exemption if you drive under a certain number of miles annually, I think it's 1000 or somethink.  This works for sales people and mechanics, and some hobby people. We are flooded with New Yawkers in RVs and they don't want medical cards or air brake endorsements. It will change again soon. If bus drivers keep working around the clock with no sleep and crashing Disney buses the government will find a solution.  This will vary from state to state too, but not that much.  Curious how they do it there. I doubt if they give you much of a hassle as long as you have a CDL and a combo

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