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Switching from Buds to Daytons


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I have a 1995 CH tractor that currently has 12-22.5 front tires on bud wheels.  The rear has11-22.5 on daytons.  I Want to swap the buds out up front.  Is anybody interested in doing this swap with me?  I know most of the time people want to go the opposite way.  There is nothing wrong with my stuff.  I want to keep my tires.  

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I'M chuckling.... I have a customer having me convert his 1986 RW to Budd's with "in-board" drums.... Why????? just keep the spoke wheels... anyway,,, just laughing about un-necessary work... Go Bulldog...Jojo Merry Christmas!!

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Hello GOOG.... My customer owns Parade Pieces.... He doesnt work them like you and others... Thats what I meant about Un -nessessary  work... Just like storkmack said,,, its cost effective to switch...  I hope you have a great holiday season... Jojo...   

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