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B61S no fuel

Kevin Berger

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Hello all, I am new to this site and new to the "Mack world". I have done many John Deere restorations , work on trucks everyday but never on B models. We got this 1965 B61S home yesterday and the previous owner in the last few months tried to start it after sitting many years didnt realize that water got into the fuel tank through the sending unit gasket. We drained the tank, new filters, drug it around and it tries to run on either but isnt getting fuel. I blew the line out from tank to primary filter. It seems like the pump isnt working or something is stuck in the fuel shut off. I would like to get it running before it gets cold so If there is water in the system noting will freeze and get damaged. Does anyone have any suggestions??  Thanks!!

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Pump good, check valves good. Im thinking it has something to do with the fuel shut off. I guess I will have to pull the inj. pump. I read the pump can only go on one way???  I think I need to remove cover on front of timing cover and remove gear to get it out of the housing??  What about timing?

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Have you made any progress? I just bought a B61sx that we could get it to run on ether but not diesel. I had primed the injector pump but couldn't get fuel to the injectors. I took the side plate of the side of the injector pump and all six plungers were stuck up. After a bit of "love" got them free. Sure is convenient to remove the top fender plate for better access. While I was there, I primed the injectors from inside the pump. After that we pulled it and came to life immediately after sitting at least 15 years.

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