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Rear Rear brake shoes on triaxle dump

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If you think its only one axle I would check the air pressure on a the other axles and the suspect one to check they are all the same

I would use three gauges at once to check everything is balanced 

Also I would check the slack adjusters are all pinned in the sam e hole

And that the S cams are all spinning freely, they should super smooth and be able to turn them by hand with the shoes and springs putting pressure on

And they should roll back smooth and gentle with just the shoe sprongs pulling them back 



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And are your drums getting full of gravel every time you dump?


On the last two Star's I ran (a 2013 and a 2020) they had the genius to make the bottom inspection plates stick out more than the tops. So it was like a funnel to fill the drums with every stone off the road.

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