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Authenticity of radiator emblem

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Hello and thanks for this opportunity. My late uncle had purchased in 1984 a radiator emblem from Baumgarten Investment Co. in Fort Lauderdale FL. The emblem is brass and in beautiful condition with recessed lettering, it measures 9” X 3 3/4”. I am trying to ascertain if it is OEM or a reproduction? I believe the Baumgarten Co. no longer exists. Thank You.



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Sorry for the late reply.  I just saw this.

Phil Baumgarten had very high quality reproductions of cab plates, radiatot badges and other items made which he sold to collectors and hobbiest such as myself who owned and restored older Macks.  These were 1920's, 30's, 40's and 50's.  B model hood and radiator tags were about the newest items he had made.  He was very active in the old truck hobby, and quite active in the ATHS.  He had moved to Florida, and died about 20 years ago.  Very nice fellow and always ready to help anyone.  All of the remaining stock was sold to someone who I do not remember.  The radiator tag you have was used on the AB Macks from about 1924 on.  It may have been used on some other models as well.  Phil told me he had them made in Tiawan by a very good company , and he was very careful to be sure the quality was excellent.  Not long before he died, he told me the demand for the older items was drying up, and it was getting harder to put together the minimum size orders necessary to have them reproduced.  They show up for sale from time to time on ebay, where they sell very quickly.  Steelman

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