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Air bag leveling issue


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01 CH MODEL.  I've started having a few air related issues. The most frustrating is the leveling of the air bags.  The leveling/ height adjustment valve is plumbed with 1 input line,  1 line out to front rear, 1 line to back rear, and exhaust(no dump) .  I've recently begun having an issue with the right side not leveling with the left and even worse, giving a severe drop under a load. Enough that I've been concerned of a rollover while being loaded(log truck). With it plumbed front and back, not side to side, what the heck could be causing my right side not to hold up? New leveling valve btw. I haven't checked to see what the pressure is going into leveling valve with a gauge.  I do know I can't hold it with my thumb over the line if that means anything. There's a valve(rectangle with a red pop off(?) that the input line runs to at the tank.  Is this a pressure protection valve? It wasn't bypassing that I could tell. Any ideas would be appreciated

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I wonder if there is check valves between sides to keep them up.  If not, if you lean too hard on one side it could push the air into the opposite side bags causing a severe list.


How does the line split when it reaches each rearend?



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